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Sunday, 30 December 2007
Gamasutra has a nice piece listing five most important MMO moments of 2007 that are going to become history.


From the article:

All year long there's been a growing swell from the 'underbelly' of the Massive gaming scene. While people focus a lot of attention on World of Warcraft and other AAA titles, games like Runescape and MapleStory have quietly been accruing huge numbers of players. While those numbers have been building for some time, it feels like this is the first year that commentator in and out of the industry have realized the full import of these games. WoW may be an 800-pound gorilla, but Runescape's million-plus player base isn't a housepet either.

What's especially interesting is how the success of these 'small' titles mirrors a warming attitude toward imports in the states.
MapleStory is easily the highest profile of these, claiming over 3 million subscribers in North America since its launch here early this year.


And about World of Warcraft:

That World of Warcraft is still doing well, some three years after the game's launch, would be a gross understatement. The almost flawless launch of The Burning Crusade expansion in January kicked off a year of amazing in-roads to mainstream culture. The South Park episode, the Toyota commercial, the Mr. T/Shatner spots... any Massive gamer that still wants to sit in a corner and feel misunderstood is missing the point. Once the Shat has done a Shaman impression for your game on national television, you're a permanent part of popular culture. It's that simple.
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