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DAOC Producer's Letter on Patch 1.82 E-mail
Tuesday, 24 January 2006

The Camelot Herald hosts the latest Producer Letter with patch 1.82 as the main topic.
The Dev team recentely asked for feedback from the players throught some polls to decide what to prepare for the next patches, and it seems like they are going to ask for more.

Producer's Letter - 1.82        
Posted By: Jeff Hickman


Over the last month we have continued on the path that we started last year - gathering information from our players about what you want to see us working on next, and focusing on this information as the core of our patches.  We will continue to poll for this information as well as gather feedback from various board threads and the Herald.  From our most recent feedback there are two areas that we are going to be focusing on for the upcoming 1.82 version.  These top two areas are the continuation of Class Enhancements and Guild and Alliance clustering improvements.

Hybrid Enhancements:  We are looking at three hybrids for this version - the Friar, the Thane and the Warden.  As with the heavy tanks, our goal is to reinvigorate these classes to make them more fun and interesting to play.  Each of these classes is getting unique changes applied to them that will fit with their individual roles in battle.  Keep an eye open for patch notes which explain how we are approaching this with each class.

Assassin Enhancements:  We are also looking at the three assassin classes in each realm with an eye towards improving them overall, but especially in RvR.  We are going to be adding improvements which better enable them to fulfill their role of stealthy one on one killers and castle infiltrators.

Guild and Alliance Clustering Improvements:  We really appreciate all of the feedback we have received about this issue.  At long last and in response to this feedback we are implementing the ability for guilds and alliances to form across all servers in a cluster.  As you can see from our first Pendragon patch note v1.82a, we are well on our way to making this happen.

We will continue to move forward with class enhancements as quickly as we can, but this will definitely take several more patch cycles and continuous testing and feedback.  We know that you are each sensitive to when your class will be looked at, and we will be looking at them as quickly and carefully as possible.  We are continuing to gather more feedback and will be taking more polls in the near future to help us focus on what is next.

Your participation in feedback and taking polls is very important to us, and we really appreciate your involvement in helping us to determine what we should be looking at next.  Thanks again!


Here is the original letter

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