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Monday, 03 April 2006
The official websites for City of Heroes and City of Villains are listing the first previews that the incoming issue received. Quoting Gamespot, to summarize the Issue content, it "will offer high-level content, new costumes, and a smashing good time."

The most interesting aspect for me are Mayhem Missions. describes them: "One of the things that stood out most for me was the addition of "Mayhem Missions". This new mission-type will allow players to be truly villainous in action for the first time. Want to wreck those cars that are parked on the side of the road? You can. Want to see what really happens after you set those bombs in that building? You can. Want to teach those once-immune citizens that you are someone to be feared, not just another person to be ignored on the street? You can."

 IGN als tells us about the new Villains zone: "Villains players will also get the chance to visit Grandville, Recluse's base of operations that will act like the villain's Atlas Park. Recluse even has had a giant statue of himself built to commemorate his greatness. The structure of Grandville is pretty amazing. Recluse's tower dominates the landscape and creates the first real vertical map in the game. While this is a place for all villains to gather (including new players) there are some very tough parts of the zone towards the top of the tower. Any player with the power of flight can fly to the top while others can take outside elevators. It's just a question of survival upon arrival to a new level.

Those who wander inside the tower itself will be able to find Recluse and his four lieutenants. Players can take any one of these lieutenants (Black Scorpion, Ghost Widow, Sirocco, and Captain Mako) as their patron and they'll gain special patron powers along with the ability to take on missions for their patron, including some against the other lieutenant characters."

To read the complete previews, click here for the one on Gamespot , on IGN , and Ten Ton Hammer

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