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Thursday, 06 April 2006

After the release of EQ2, SOE started to show a lot less love to its first son, even if it still has more subcribers than the latest.

And so, since in the past month and half they could only release one only patch, Kytherea, Everquest Community Rep, has from time to time to invent some news to publish on the website.

Welcome to Kibitzing with Kytherea! Whether you're looking for guidance and support or just help settling a specific problem or dilemma, Kibitzing with Kytherea offers something for everyone.

There are many obstacles and barriers that we have to face in life. We have the choice to confront them and overcome them or deny them and remain troubled. Many times it is the fear of the unknown that causes us to remain comfortable in our chaos. Let Kytherea help you face the unknown and guide you on your journey.

Are you a wood elf in love with a dark elf and your parents just won't understand? Are you a troll who rather eat vegetables then a nice juicy gnome and are afraid to admit it? Are you looking for a way to tell a guild mate that passing gas in the guild hall pool to make bubbles is not funny, it is just disgusting? It is Kytherea's desire to make you feel safe and secure as you explore issues of all types. She wants to provide you with support and advice in hopes of alleviating your problems and making each day more productive.

Send your problems by email to Kytherea at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with "Kibitzing with Kytherea" as the subject. Kibitzing with Kytherea will be a weekly feature on EQPlayers and will be scheduled to appear on Monday afternoons.

NOTE: This is a role play feature that is intended for entertainment purposes only!


Kibitzing With Kytherea


Dear Kytherea,

How to begin? I am a cleric, blessed to be serving in the army of the Light. To fulfill my mission, I must retire between encounters, when possible, and gather my thoughts that I may channel the powers of my deity, Karana, thereby effecting his will in our world.

Of late though, my meditation has been consistantly distracted by one of my mates, a human warrior. He plants himself resolutely in front of me, as if standing guard for me against whatever danger might suddenly appear - my meat shield! I should count my self lucky, right??

Alas, I cannot. This warrior seems to me to be exemplary in every way - his armor well kept and superbly fitted, his weapons honed to readiness, and his body, Oh! his body, well, let's just say 'fair to gaze upon' and leave it at that. He's well educated (for a muscled type), has a wicked sense of humor, a good conversationalist, bathes frequently, has a very pleasant face, and soulful eyes that have that sorrow-filled look of one who has looked upon too much destruction. And my problem, I'm sure you've guessed, is he has a girlfriend. Nice girl, pretty even. She's a necro, but that just seems to add a pleasant bit of spice to their relationship.

So, anyway, I'm smitten and I know nothing could come of this except heartache. Tell me, please. How can I discipline myself to do my duties when I have his magnificent 'assets' hovering before my face? I don't think I can muster enough strength of will to ask him to move.

One Track Mind

Dear One Track Mind,

You are correct in that as long as your fair-faced warrior is in a relationship nothing but heartache can be yours if you continue to pine for him. While it is advantageous that he stands between you and danger I can see how this would be distracting. In most cases I would say let honesty be your guide and speak to him about this, but I assume that might cause some trouble for everyone involved, and in the event that his relationship wih the dark elf does not owrk out, you may have destroyed any chance of him noticing you in that way later, provided you are still interested should that come to pass.

Perhaps try sitting with your back to him while gathering your thoughts. You can embellish the truth a bit should anyone ask why you are suddenly sitting facing away from him and the rest of your party by simply stating that there is too much movement and it is distracting, that the sun is in your face, or some such excuse.


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