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World War Two Online 1.23 on Test E-mail
Tuesday, 02 May 2006
This seems like the last round of testing before deploying officially version 1.23 for WWII Online. This patch will introduce a spawn delay to balance the sides better, improved graphical model for infantry, Unmanned Mobile Spawns, persisten smoke granades (don't ask me) and more. Here are the full notes:

World War Two Online
Version (4-28-06)

Changes from Closed Beta:
- Fixed remaining critical issues for infantry redo
- Bore sighted all weapons (ready for testing)
- Disabled ads from culling during water reflection draws
- Fixed recursive STO smoke grenades launched from 3rd person
- Fixed infinite smoke grenade sound 'fizz' bug
- Fixed a long standing bug where short bursts of fire might not be heard over long distance
- Fixed a bug that prevented Firefox from launching the game via the Blitz beta launch URL (closed beta only issue)
- changed the spawn delay to be a front-end timer instead of a backend timer; now starts counting down as soon as you enter a mission or despawn
- dropped the spawn delay popup; the ENTER WORLD button is now disabled with the spawn delay timer in it if there is a delay
- added new translations:


Side Balance:
- In addition to being notified of side balance at persona selection players may now receive a spawn delay based on the difference of the number of players active in the game world at spawn in
- When the population reaches an unacceptable imbalance the players on the over populated side will receive a time delay before they are able to spawn into the game world again
- This delay is dynamic and works to keep the number of players in the game world to be within an acceptable ratio
- This delay increases and decreases as player populations change
- The delay starts immediately on despawn

- Improved infantry predictor to help eliminate fire messages before the player is visible
- Upgraded animation engine to the Granny 2 standard
- Added new skeleton for infantry with greater articulation
- Added new first person animations to match new skeleton structure
- Added first stage of normal mapping for infantry in first and third person
- Added new materials support to first person
- Upgraded several weapon models
- Added normal mapping to several infantry weapons
- Removed British rifle grenade firing butt down while crouched
- Infantry no longer die when a spawn building is destroyed

- Increased the range for Destroyer main guns
- Fixed a bug where shrapnel was having no effect on Destroyers

UMS (Unmanned Mobile Spawn):
- Added the ability for players to select to leave a deployed mobile spawn truck in the game world upon despawn
- UMS will not be removed when another player tries to deploy a MS
- Mission leaders may remove UMS by selecting it on the map
- Players do not receive score for mobile spawning if the mobile spawn is unmanned
- UMS are not allowed on bridges

Smoke grenades:
- Smoke grenade discharge is now persistent
- Players should always see smoke regardless of their vis limits or spawn in time

- Fixed some anomalies with coastal guns not having correct belting
- Updated all tree graphics
- Updated Armor FB to address some clipping issues
- Updated memorial to include Keith "Phyaball" Gibbons
- Updated memorial to include Myles "Ubique" Mansell
- Added dynamic billboards to several buildings
- Added new high detail town building
- Added several builders statues
- Added kms, Future and Warspite to Builders Bridge
- Added defensive army bases for both rear airfields (Koblenz and Sobernheim) in Germany
- Added the following towns:
Werkendam (DE)
Dussen (DE)
Huesden (DE)
Empel (DE)
Rips (DE)
Venray (DE)
Fresnes (FR)
Thiaucourt (FR)

- Added new alert sounds for private messages
- Added new alert sound when receiving a new orders message
- Added ability to launch web pages from within the game
- Added poll results to the persona screen
- Added poll web link to the persona selection page
- Added more feedback about population status to persona selection page
- Fixed an issue causing players to not receive After Action Reports upon despawn

- Squads can now set squad night reminders on the Squad Tab
- Squads can now link to their homepage on the Squad Tab

- Added new smoke hit effects
- Vehicles that lose a wheel will now play a debris effect instead of an explosion effect

- Added on/off toggle for alert sounds
- Removed some settings for trees
- Trees will now optimize vertex buffer objects based on the video cards specs

- Convention decals are now available in game
- You can set you personal decal choice in your online account settings

- Upgraded to new shader toolset

- Added new connectivity test at startup for improved connectivity
- Slightly increased the number of visible vehicles in "medium" vis level and decreased the bandwidth used to support them
- Increased the number of updates/second that high vis level players receive. The bandwidth requirement was raised (broadband only)
- When multicrewing, the host will give both players the lowest vis level requested by either player
- Improved biasing system to try to reduce blinking
- Added code to bias in favor of vehicles that have sent us updates since we last sent them to you
- Added code to force a "one time" broadcast between hosts of every vehicle periodically to avoid data loss

- Added new sound code (thanks AHwulf)
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