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Thursday, 04 May 2006
In todays Everquest 2 patch there are a few changes affecting Blackburrow, with new "challenges and rewards" and also content for solo players. The patch also introduces a new raid zone, The Halls of Seeing and a few more things.


Everquest 2 Live Update #23

*** Headlines ***

- Powerful adventurers may dare to journey into a new raid zone: The Halls of Seeing.
- Experience Blackburrow as never before with all new challenges and rewards.

*** Halls of the Seeing ***
- Powerful golems guard an imposing doorway on the Temple Grounds. Only the bravest of souls would dare to venture within.
- Deep inside this hidden sanctum lurks the mysterious and malevolent entity known only as the Seeing.
- A hoard of treasure is guarded by mighty constructs, obedient servants that will let no one escape with their master's many secrets.
- Explore the Halls of the Seeing, a new Kingdom of Sky raid zone in the Tenebrous Tangle!

*** Dungeon Exploration ***

- The dangerous tunnels of Blackburrow present new challenges and rewards.
- Many of the powerful gnolls within are rumored to have acquired new, powerful treasures.
- The gnolls have thrust their weak above ground--now there's more solo content toward the entrance of Blackburrow.

*** Kingdom of Sky ***

- You can now find Harla Dar in an instance, accessed via a teleporter near Pantrilla.
- Ascent of the Awakened has been separated into two different zones. There is an initial 2 group version of the zone that, once completed, will give you access to a 4 group version of the zone.
- The summoned creatures for the Mysterious Cube Event in the Bonemire now automatically lock and attack the group that spawns them.
- Some of the items from Lyceum of Abhorrence have been reduced in power.

*** Desert of Flames ***

- Rujarkian orcs, one-eyed or otherwise, will no longer count as a cyclops creature kill.
- The one and two-handed versions of the Staff of Second Life and Dark Fury Halberd of Anuk will now appear in the quest reward window for "Wrapping It All Up."

*** The Splitpaw Saga ***

- "Crawlers Extermination" will now update correctly when killing Queen Zkchriy in the Crawler's Nest.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

- When unmentoring a player, you will now have a 60 second countdown timer
- Evil players can now revive and evacuate within Garanel's Resting Place.
- Pets will no longer cause you to zone without immunity when you don't fight back.
- Pets will no longer stop a player from using a griffon, carpet or cloud in PvP unless the player takes hostile action.
- Players on PVP servers can now type /pvp_range to see the valid PvP range for the current zone.
- Due to the already increased amount of bloodshed on the PvP Servers, the Bone Bladed Claymore no longer thirsts for more.

*** Gameplay ***

- The dead can no longer drink.
- You can no longer be offered more than one quest at a time.
- Possessed pets will no longer have the ability to interact with objects in the world.

*** Quests ***

- Level 60-70 writs in Freeport will no longer require you to return to the quest giver for your reward.
- Level 50-60 Group item collection writs now require 10 items instead of 20.

*** Items ***

- The Unholy Edge of the Deathknight and the Unholy Shield of the Deathknight now appear as the Shadowed Blade of the Vault Sentry and the Shadowed Shield of the Vault Sentry, respectively.
- The proc effect on the Annealed Defender will now work correctly.
- The healing effect on Ghostly Wraps of Torment should now proc correctly.
- The appearance of the Ageless Hauberk of Endurance has been updated.
- The Calamitous Rapidity proc on one of the Twin Calamities now does piercing damage.
- Ghrizhaw's Clawwraps now provide the same amount of avoidance as comparable leather pieces.
- The Teleportation Stone of Solusek is no longer a Lore item.
- There is no longer a proc on the Chitinous Leather Skullcap.
- The Hurricane Forged Boots, Hurricane Forged Gloves, and Combine War Satchel have been reduced in effectiveness.
- Dragonscale Shoulderpads now give a specific number of health points rather than a percentage.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Drakota Arti’cae, Mjolni, and Dythra will now drop Vox shards on their corpse instead of in a chest.
- The four spirits needed for access into Miragul's Menagerie should now always be available.
- The Huuptics on the beach in the Feerrott will now respawn more quickly.

*** Combat ***

- A spell's chance to trigger a proc is now adjusted based on its cast time.
- Players who are feared will now be snared for 40% of their run speed so they don't find themselves terribly far away when the fear wears off.

- Double Up will not cast if no combat arts have been used recently. Double Up now checks the previous few seconds of combat arts the Brigand used altogether, instead of checking what was used on their current target.
- Smuggle will no longer break attack-from-stealth attacks for group members who were previously stealthed.

- Elegy of Awakening now works on other targeted groups within your raid.
- Wail of Woe's radius has been reduced from 15m to 7.5m.

- Detect Good will now work properly.

- Grisly Mark's reuse timer is now 2 seconds.
- Essences of Anguish now only summon to the Necromancer.

- Siphon Strength's reuse timer is now 2 seconds.

- Reverence's casting time has been reduced to 1 second and its power cost has been lowered.
- Detect Evil will now work properly.

- Fortify has been renamed to Fortify Elements.

*** Achievements ***

- A successful double attack no longer provides an additional chance to trigger a proc.
- Cleric: Divine Recovery's casting speed benefit has been changed to 50% instead of 100%.
- Enchanter: Daydream no longer causes hate when cast and not resisted.
- Enchanter: Sever Empathy no longer causes hate when cast and not resisted.
- A successful double attack no longer provides an additional chance to trigger a proc.
- Warrior: Demolish has been renamed to Stance Mastery.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Level 60-70 Scout recipes will now use Spongy Loam instead of Moonstone.
- Level 60-70 Mage recipes will now use Acrylia instead of Moonstone.
- Scintillating Dust will now be produced as a by-product of pristine Marquee spells.

*** Art ***

- Reactive spell particle effects will no longer duplicate themselves and appear on your mount.

*** User Interface ***

- Ward text will now be sent to everyone nearby and can now be logged similar to other heals.
- Damage remaining on a ward will now display in the effects and maintained window giving you an idea of when they will expire.
- Reactives, poisons and other limited proc number spells will display the amount remaining in the maintained window.
- A display issue has been fixed for physical resistances in the mitigation tooltip. No functionality has changed.
- There is now a dropdown selection in the Persona window for showing your hood or helm, rather than two different checkboxes.
- Player titles will now appear if NPC evaluation is set to Simple.
- When title display is set to vertical, the leading comma on suffix titles has been removed.
- Gamma settings will now remain consistent between windowed mode and full screen.
- The speaker type option will now only appear if you have Miles selected as the sound provider, as changing these settings with other providers does not do anything.
- The left mouse button will no longer steer the player when held down in auto follow mode (instead, it will pan around the camera as it is supposed to).
- You will now retain control of your camera when feared.
- /random will now roll between 1 and 100 if given no arguments.
- The mail tooltip will now display the number of messages you have waiting for you in the mailbox.
- The group tab on the quest journal should now properly display all the quests your group members possess.
- In cases that multiple quests update at the same time, the Quest Helper window will update in synch with the on-screen message.
- The quest details in the Quest Journal will now show the category along with the current zone.
- You can now load different configurations via the /load_configuration <file> command. This command loads Options, UI settings, Colors, and Keymaps. There is a new Layouts directory that is used to store configuration files. You can create a .cfg file in this directory if you would like it to appear in the Options page. There are also several commands for performing specific functions:
  * /load_options: Loads a set of options. File format is identical to eq2_recent.ini and can contain any property.
  * /load_uisettings: Bring up a dialog of the available UI settings.
  * /load_uisettings <file>: Load a particular UI settings file.
  * /save_uisettings <file>: Save the current UI settings to a file.
  * /load_colors <file>: Load the game colors from a file. You may need to zone in order to get all the colors to be updated.
  * /save_colors <file>: Save the current game colors.
  * /load_keymaps <file>: Load a keymap file from the Keyboards subdirectory.
  * /save_keymaps <file>: Save the current keymaps to the Keyboards subdirectory as <file>.

*** UI Files Modified ***


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