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Monday, 09 October 2006
The original EverQuest has received an update, mainly adjusting some trade skills recipes. Here are the full patch notes.

*** NPCS ***
  • Added level 10 to 25 spell and melee tome merchants to Crescent Reach near the Master's Hall.
  • Artisan Moswin decided that she disliked being confused for the bakers assistant Moswen. She has decided to go by her other name Irisi.  

*** Quests ***
  • Scout Zryan will no longer award the final item awards for his mission arc after each mission in the arc.  
  • Wanderlust Guild: Crypt Delving no longer requires you to enter the Shade King's chambers.
  • In Icefall the Nightmoon and Coldeye clans will be more pleased with you than they were before if you kill their enemies. However, the quest givers for these two clans will not deal with you unless you are at least tolerated among the clan itself.
  • Nerissa Clothspinner has realized that she will need money to continue the search for her sister. She will now continue to sell her wares when she is on the move.

*** Tradeskills ***
  • Yew Leaves now look like leaves.
  • Some secrets to making the single unfired tradeskill charms have gotten out and they are now easier to make. The unfired artisan charm and the firing of the charms is still a difficult process.
  • Some spell research items and a few poison making items stack better.
  • Acids used in spell research are now sold by NPC vendors. These vendors do not like handling such items so they charge a hefty premium for carrying them.  You will save money making them yourself, but you can save time by buying them.
  • Fixed a misspelling in the spell recipe for Elemental Simulacrum.
  • Made changes to the following list of spell recipes to more closely match the systematic spell research system. If you already learned to make these spells your recipe book will automatically update to match.  The Spells changed are: Feral Form, Virtue, Hand of Virtue, Maelstrom of Ro, Rathe's Son, Elemental Siphon, Elemental Simulacrum, Symbol of Kazad, Flameshield of Ro, Ward of Xegony, Servant of Marr, Xegony's Phantasmal Guard, Kazad`s Mark, Armor of the Zealot, Cry of Thunder, Star Scream, Faith, Pacification, Ward of Nife, Pious Might, Aura of the Crusader, Cloak of Luclin, Crusader's Purity, Serene Command, Placate, Zevfeer's Bite and Touch of the Devourer.
  • The task "Thundercrest Expedition" for Dwarven grandmaster cultural charms now requires the correct item in the second stage (Stone Necklace).

*** AAs ***
  • AA experience now mimics the way leveling experience splits within a group made up of players of very different levels.

*** Missions ***
  • If you are in the death limbo state (hover mode) when the mission completes and the rewards are granted, you will now get your reward.

*** Combat ***
  • If you logout with an active combat timer, when you login again you will now see the correct timer.
  • Bolt spells and ranged weapons should no longer fire straight up.

*** Miscellaneous ***
  • Corrected a problem that was causing some beneficial melee disciplines to not show up in the buff windows.

- The EverQuest Team

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