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Monday, 09 October 2006
EQ2 Update 28 is finally live bringing forward the project of reviving the EverQuest gods with two more events involving the Burning Prince and the Duke of Below.

Game Update #28

*** Headlines ***

  • Tradeskillers can now craft in the fresh air in many city zones.
  • The hand of the gods can be felt once again with two new Live Events!


*** The Hand of the Gods ***

  • The power of the old gods can be felt on Norrath as the prophets of the Burning Prince and the Duke of Below seek your assistance.If
  • you are fearless enough to embark upon a trial of fire, speak with Civean on the beaches of Lavastorm.Stout
  • adventurers can meet Bronlor Stormhammer outside of Blackburrow to serve the Duke of Below.


*** Crafting: No Longer Just Underground! ***

  • Have you ever wondered why poor crafters have always been forced to forge their creations in the damp, dark reaches of Norrath? Blame the gnomes!
  • Tradeskillers will now find crafting stations placed throughout their home cities.Now
  • you can display your skill to all your potential customers, without having to work in cramped quarters.


*** Tradeskill ***

  • The Ironforge Exchange and the Coalition of Tradesfolk will now sell Tradeskill Writ Clipboards for use in your home when you have achieved amiable faction with them.Leona
  • Ward has checked with her suppliers and now sells the necessary fuels.The
  • amount of fuel needed for rare potions/poisons that Alchemists make has been reduced from 8 to 4.
  • Old tradeskill "Reagent" items can now be used as primary components in spell recipes much like Inks/Dyes.Dusts
  • can no longer be used instead of normal Imbue items in imbue recipes.


*** Art ***

  • All female run animations have been updated with the exception of frogloks, halflings, and gnomes.


*** Gameplay ***

  • You can now find an option under Controls -> Keyboard Settings called Automatic AFK. Enabling this option will cause your status to automatically be set to AFK whenever there is no keyboard activity for 5 minutes. Using the keyboard again after this will remove the AFK.


*** Items ***

  • Swapping wielded or worn items will no longer cause you to lose the benefit from both pieces.The
  • The AncestrSarnaknak War Bow will now work properly.


*** Quests ***

  • uest should now find owlbear meat and undead flesh much more often.
  • owlbearrers who have completed the Ashenoften.Adventurers line in Pillars of Flame, then betrayed and started the Ashen Disciples line, should now be able to complete it successfully.


*** User Interface ***

  • Houses will tell you how many broker slots they have before you buy them.
  • The Quest Journal will no longer expand athem.The every time the player logs in or zones.
  • Looking for group and looking for work azones.Lookingme will no longer confuse /who lfg.
  • There is now an option to increase and declfg.There font size in text and response bubbles.
  • The timer display in the group quest wbubbles.Thenow align and count down properly.
  • You will now receive a notice if you properly.You been awarded Achievement Experience for a named NPC kill.
  • Consigned items purchased while possessinkill.Consignedow go to the pet owner’s inventory.


*** Zones and Population ***

  • Plumptucket's Love summoned pet is no longer aPlumptucket'st spells.
  • The Direvine Matron will no longer be aspells.The Direvineattacks that have been reflected back to her.
  • All the creatures in Blackscale Sepulcher her.All be effected by sBlackscale target undead.
  • The Transmogrification Elixir should beundead.Thee used more reliably now in the Halls of Fate.

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