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Anarchy Online: Community Update and patch E-mail
Monday, 09 October 2006
The Anarchy Online team updates its players on the status of the 16.4 update which they hope to release by the end of this month. Read on for the complete AO community update.

In the meantime the Anarchy Online client has been updated to version 16.3.3. Patch notes for this update also follows.

Game Updates

The 16.4 Update is progressing nicely on the test servers and the coders are hard at work ensuring that we iron out the remaining issues with the update. We hope to be able to launch 16.4 onto the live before the end of the month, but we will announce a date once we have assesed the feedback from the test dimension.

We have also started testing on the character transfer tool. Some of the testing community are already helping us with this testing and we hope to be able to open it up for public testing at some point next week. This will enable players to copy their characters to the test live dimension for testing.

Halloween Approaches!

Its fast approaching that time of year when the evil pumpkinheads spread out across Rubi-Ka and share some scary gifts with the population of the planet! They will have some new and old surprises for everyone this year!

In fact Uncle Pumpkinhead himself seems to be making an early appearance and stirring up some trouble on the forums. Check out his mysterious messages here and maybe scoop yourself a prize in the process!

In Closing...

Just had to mention this as its a great little game that kept us all amused in the office this week!

Have a great weekend on Rubi-Ka!

Craig -'Silirrion'- Morrison
Community Manager Anarchy Online


Version 16.3.3 Update

  • You are no longer required to be on the team that kills Libra in the new inferno quests to complete that quest, but need to bring back an item from his remains instead. (Note: Having this mission before the update will still work in the update. Otherwise, you can delete it and restart.)

  • You can now get the mission to go into the dungeon to find the Recovery Unit for Ergo over again should you fail to complete it somehow.

  • Increased spawn rate on Ember Chimera

  • Stephen Richards will pay the correct amount of credits for the Smokey Salamander skin and the Coal Lizard skin.

  • Berserker Rage implants and spirits no longer cause damage.

  • Modfied cash and exp rewards on many of the older quests to ensure the rewards given are appropriate to the level and / or difficulty of the quest

  • Reduced the instances where you can fail to playshift into missions

  • Resolved some memory leaks that apppeared in 16.3


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