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Monday, 30 October 2006
The awaited AO engine improvements and optimization have finally arrived. Anarchy Online should now run smoothly on all machines with the most important improvements for low end PCs. Even more engine updates are expected to come with the next patches.

16.4 Update Notes

Version 16.4.1

  • Notum Wars Towers should be viewable from distance again.

Version 16.4.0 Update - Game Engine Changes

  • Optimized resource loading.

  • Improved animation system

    • Client should suffer from less stuttering as you move

    • Client should suffer from less jerky animations and blend animations better.

  • Fixed several visual and texture bugs

  • Improved delay when opening and closing skill view

  • Some of the alien weapons that lacked sounds should now play sounds

  • New option: You can now toggle animations on distant characters to improve performance. When activated characters at distance will not display all animation frames. This can be found in the options menu (F10- Enviornment - Effects - Smooth Animations)

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