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EverQuest: The Buried Sea available for preorder E-mail
Monday, 22 January 2007
A very short time after the announcment of The Buried Sea, the 13th EverQuest expansion, the team behind the game informs the playerbase that this will be available only through digital download. Preorders can be already done using this link .

EverQuest The Buried Sea Features
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat – Cross the plank and fight for your life on the open seas as you raid pirate vessels!
  • Two Paths of Advancement – Battle pirates on the open seas or dive deep beneath the sea to Katta Castrum, lost stronghold of the Combine Empire.
  • New Missions – Take your group through more than 60 challenging new missions ranging from defending merchant vessels against marauding pirates to uncovering the secrets behind the combine city and the danger that threatens it!
  • Guild Banners – Design a guild emblem and display it with pride!  Upgrade your banner to grant your guild special abilities and plant it on the field of battle so your fellow guild members can teleport directly to it!
  • Fellowships – Get together with a group of your closest friends and start your own fellowship!  Join in a common chat channel, gain the ability to create a campfire that can help you in your adventures, and get a token that will let you quickly travel to your other fellowship members.

All players who pre-order and then purchase The Buried Sea expansion pack, no matter what race or character class they play, will receive an Aviak Spirit Totem (one per account), which grants players a faction bonus with pirates in the Buried Sea. It affects what rewards are available from the pirates, giving players a leg up so they can more quickly reach the more advanced rewards that can be found in the expansion.

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