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Ashen Empires price reduced E-mail
Friday, 16 February 2007
The monthly fee to play the fantasy 2D MMORPG Ashen Empire has been lowered. To finance the game development it is now possible to buy game tokens that can be exchanged with game time, expansions, services and ingame items. These changes are the first stage of a long term plan to make Ashen Empires a free service.
Here is the official statement:

The Ashen Empires game service has undergone some major changes.

The most noticeable change is the price per month of Ashen Empires has been reduced.

Another change is the addition of products that can be purchases in-game or through the Ashen Empires web store via micro-payments.

To make these micro-payments possible a game token system has being introduced. You no longer pay directly for most Ashen Empires products. You instead buy game tokens from the Ashen Empires web store. Game tokens are available in increments of $5, $10 and $25 dollars. There are 20 game tokens per dollar. Game tokens are used for all purchases in-game and from the Ashen Empires web site/store.

Why are these changes being made?
These changes are the first stage of a long term plan to make Ashen Empires a free service.

I am currently a subscriber how will these changes affect me?
If you pay via a reoccurring credit card payment, these changes will affect you very little. You can choose to keep your subscription as is and your account will be credited each time your payment is made with the cost difference in game tokens. If you wish to re-do your subscription to reflect the lower monthly cost that option is also available to you. Players who pay monthly without a reoccurring plan can pay the new lower price or even choose to deposit game tokens and make their account reoccurring.

What are the subscription levels?
Ashen Empires accounts will be separated into four levels. All levels will be represented by an in-game icon next to a player’s name.
  • Gold – A gold icon indicates a player with a current active Ashen Empires account with their last paid period being for 1 month or greater. Gold level plans will be available for 1 month, 3 months and 6 month time periods.

  • Silver – A silver icon indicates a player who has an active account, but has paid for a period of less than one month. Silver level plans will be available for 1 day, 3 days and 1 week time periods.

  • Diamond - Player has been a subscriber (at gold or silver level) for 6 continuous months. Rock on!

  • Bronze – A Bronze icon indicates a player who does not have an active paid account (Silver or Gold). Bronze players may explore the entire world, including the 2 expansion areas (if they have those expansions active on their account).

  • Bronze player do have some limitations once they leave Valinor. Bronze players will be limited in experience they can earn per day and items they can loot and craft. Bronze players will not be able to trade or party with other players and they will not be allowed to engage in player vs player (PvP) combat (unless they are attacked).

  • Accounts not at Diamond, Gold or Silver level will automatically return to Bronze when their account expires. Players who have been at bronze level for 4 weeks or longer will have any housing they own foreclosed.

What is the cost in game tokens for gold and silver levels?
Silver (1 Day) – 10 game tokens
Silver (3 Days) – 25 game tokens
Silver (7 Days) – 50 game tokens
Gold (1 Month) – 160 game tokens
Gold (3 Months) – 460 game tokens
Gold (6 Months) – 880 game tokens

I have an older account can I still play the game without having a subscription?
Yes! Returning players may now play the game without a Gold or Silver level subscription, but will be subject to the limitations of a Bronze level account. New players may also leave Valinor Island and explore the full game world without a Gold or Silver subscription, but will also be subject to Bronze level limitations once they leave the island.

How much will the various Ashen Empires expansions cost with this new system?
Talazar’s Revenge – 350 game tokens
Sands of Creation – 299 game tokens
Talazar’s Revenge + Sand of Creation – 599 game tokens
Sand of Creation + Construction – 399 game tokens
Construction – 200 game tokens
All Expansions (requires subscription) – 599 game tokens**

How will I use the Ashen Empires In-Game Store?
With this update, Ashen Empires has added an in-game store where players can make purchases with their game tokens. To access the store, players type /store or click the store icon button on hotbar 0 (press 0 on your keyboard to toggle this hotbar).

What game items will I be able to purchase in the store?
On launch of the in-game store the following items will be available for purchase with game tokens**:

Valentine’s Day Home Pack – 100 tokens
The Valentines Day Home Pack provides an assortment of holiday themed house deeds to add to your house.

Valentine’s Day Armor Set – 35 tokens
The Valentine’s Day Armor Set provides decorative clothing for Valentine’s events and parties.

Race Change – 200 Tokens
A Race Change purchase allows for instant and permanent changing of your character’s race and sex.

Greater Potion Pack – 60 Tokens
This Potion Pack purchase provides 15 each of various Greater Potions, including healing, stamina, repair, cure poison and cure disease.

Map Reveal – 100 Tokens
A Map Reveal purchase will permanently remove the fog of war from a character’s in-game map.

Summon Corpse – 50 Tokens
Summons all of your corpses to your current location.

Item No Drop – 150 Tokens
This option will mark a single item as ‘No Drop’ permanently.

Player Henchman – 30 Tokens
This purchase will provide an appropriate level warrior NPC that will travel with a player and obey the player’s commands. The Henchmen will stay with you until it dies or you log off the game.

Runeshard – 80 Tokens
A Runeshard allows you to take 5 orbs from one stat (that is at least 10) and transfer those orbs to other stats.

Orb Reset – 500 Tokens
An Orb Reset purchase resets all of your characters stats to base value.

Character Rename – 400 Tokens
A Character Rename purchase allows you to change the name of your character in game.

Skry Scroll – 25 Tokens
A Skry Scroll allows you to view another player in the world and follow them as a ghost for a short time.

Death Protection – 20 Tokens
This purchase will protect an item in your possession from dropping on your next death.

Berserker Potion Pack – 50 Tokens
The Berserker Potion Pack provides 10 potions which make your character to go berserk against creatures for a short period.

Server Move* – 600 Tokens
Server Moves allow a single character to be transferred to a different game server. Transferred characters lose all items in inventory and banks.

*only available from the Ashen Empires Web Store

Can I trade tokens to other players?
Not with this initial release, however, phase 2 of the Ashen Empires store will allow for players (in good standing) to transfer tokens to other players. Players can then use these tokens to buy items from the Ashen Empires web and in-game stores.

I have an unused gift certificate, what will happen to that?
All active and unused gift certificates have been converted to their token value and have been credited to the account they are currently on.

How will Dransik work?
If you have a silver or gold level account on AE, you are still be able to play Dransik with no limitations. You may also pay a one time 500 game token fee to have you backpack size permanently increased.
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