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Monday, 26 March 2007
The next Gunbound events will run from the 12th to the 26th of April. There will be different types of events, from a Guild League to a mission based one.


Cash event
  • If you charge over 30,000 cash during event, you will receive bonus April rare avatar.

1+1 Big3 Package event

  • You can purchase selected avatar with maximum 30% discounted and it’s only available in Gunbound homepage.
  • If you purchase selected avatars, you can gift the same avatars you bought to your buddy as free. Don’t miss this big chance.

Match event

  • If you play with wearing or having specified avatars, you can receive bonus GP and gold.

Guild League

  • Guild league, it’s never ever done before. Playing Gunbound with your guild member in Grand prix server during event period and for top 3 guilds in guild ranking will receive Super Rare Avatar with their guild logo in. For joining in this event, at least 3 users from same guild play at the same time in Grand prix server and if there are more than 3 users from the same guild, the users will be chosen randomly for making a team.
  • High ranked players in Grand prix personal ranking will also receive various kinds of prizes. (rare avatars and cash)

Mission event

  • Mission will be created randomly during the game. (Ex. Double kill, back shot and hurricane shot) if you completed the mission, you will receive bonus GP and gold and you can also check Mission ranking in website.
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