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Planetside: 3.12.20 patch E-mail
Monday, 04 June 2007
Before the weekend Planetside has received a small patch that should make deployables easier to manage and speed up gameplay. Check the patch notes.

  • Equipment that you deploy yourself will be a different color from other friendly deployables on both the field and overhead map.  This color can be changed in your options menu and should make identifying your deployables quite a bit easier!
  • Double-clicking on any deployable you own on the overhead map will open a prompt asking if you want to deconstruct that deployable.  No more misplacing a TRAP and sitting there shooting it until it's destroyed!  Now you can choose which deployable will deconstruct and when!
  • If you leave a planet and don't come back within 60 minutes, all your deployables on that zone will deconstruct (This includes staying offline for over 60 minutes).  This will hopefully keep deployables near the fighting and keep other areas relatively clean.
  • If you deploy some equipment with one character and then switch to a different character, your old deployables will instantly deconstruct.  This should eliminate an exploit where a player could lay down CE then switch characters, benefitting from the CE without having to acquire any engineering certifications.
  • We've also made one slight change to the Sunderer variants: they can now be transported in Lodestars.  Watch for falling base crashers!
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