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Tuesday, 19 June 2007
During the last week, the now 10 years old fantasy MMORPG Ultima Online has received different updates. Updates for the Kingdom Reborn client brought the client version to, while servers update, rolled in only on Test Centers 1 and 4, increased the server support for the KR client.
Here are the full patch notes for both the updates.



KR Client Patch


  • If your system does not have a video card capable of hardware Transform and Lighting, you will get a popup asking if you would like to run that feature via software.  This will allow you to run KR, though with significantly reduced performance.
  • improved player pathing (walking around objects)
  • mana and skill requirements now show up on spell icon tooltips
  • Character Profiles are now available as a tab on the paperdoll
  • Added “sitting” animation (Known Issues: there are still some clipping issues with sitting - we're on it.)
  • Chat windows are now resizable
  • Added a chat help button
  • Improved performance on some lower-end video cards
  • Added a “legacy keybinding” button to the user preferences – you can now reset your keybindings to either KR default or 2D default
  • Health, mana and stamina now show numerically on the player stat mini-bar.  There is a setting in the options menu to change whether the numbers always display or only on mouseover
  • “Stones” is back!
  • Added a number of particle effects to various actions and objects
  • The macro icon window should now close automatically when the macro window closes
  • At the end of the tutorial when the player character reaches the New Haven town entrance,Gwen will add a radar waypoint to the appropriate guildmaster for the player character.  If the character is a custom/advanced character, Sir Helper will be highlighted instead.
  • NPC vendor gump displays the player’s available gold at the bottom of the gump
  • Mob health bars should be larger and easier to manipulate
  • Added 4 new macro actions
    • Cursor Target Self (when you have a target cursor and you use this action, it will select yourself)
    • Cursor Target Last (when you have a target cursor and you use this action, it will select the last thing you selected with a target cursor)
    • Cursor Target Current (when you have a target cursor and you use this action, it will select the current target)
    • Use Targeted Object (uses the object)

Bug Fixes:

  • removed the visible outline around creature’s shadows
  • fixed several issues with terrain not displaying correctly
  • Fixed several issues with the customized housing tool
  • Fixed issue with shadows when teleporting
  • When teleporting to new areas, the player should no longer rubberband through doors.
  • Macros should save correctly
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible to move items
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a keybinding change would cause in to revert to default
  • Players should not be able to set identical keybindings for multiple actions
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to appear to drag hair, beards, and faces off of paperdolls.
  • Fixed issues with several gumps
  • Fixed bug preventing equipped items from being dragged to the backpack via the backpack icon on the paperdoll
  • Added HP, mana, and stamina to the character sheet
  • The Stabled Pets gump should display pets correctly
  • Buff/Debuff icons and their tooltips should display correctly
  • Polished many housing tiles
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the macro creation window should scroll properly as you add items to the macro
  • The Skills description window in character creation should no longer get cut off at the bottom
  • Dungeons will now appear correctly on the radar map
  • Cloaks should fit better on female characters
  • Polished the guild tools gumps
  • Tweaked and polished many monsters
  • Improved definition of knives, forks and spoons
  • The color picker on character creation should not obscure the character and is now movable
  • Polished character creation windows
  • Norse helm and bascinets should display correctly (they had been swapped)
  • Fixed bug that could potentially break an Equip Item macro
  • Race Selection buttons are now correctly disabled if the player does not have Mondain’s Legacy
  • Polished the Faction Stone gumps
  • The Lava Serpent is no longer teeny
  • Tweaked nightsight brightness
  • Elven hair should display properly
  • The sun has risen!  The world should appear brighter in KR
  • The “Two Tails” hairstyle should display correctly
  • Holes in ship masts for the largest ships should now be resolved
  • Fixed several issues with Help Menu choices not working properly – also removed the duplicate Bug Report option

Crash Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a crash in the credits
  • Fixed a crash when retrieving pets from the stable
  • Fixed a bug that caused graphics corruption/crashes under certain circumstances
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Heating stands should display correctly and should no longer cause a crash
  • Fixed a crash that happened when Mirror Image wears off while mounted.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using moongates
  • Fixed a crash related to opening new hotbars
  • Fixed a crash related to teleporting while opening a container



Test Centers 1 and 4 Server Update


  • (KR) The katana in the basics tutorial will now spawn on the table instead of the ground
  • (KR) Added a sound effect when Gwen pops up
  • (KR) Added Bulletin Board gump
  • (KR) Added support for weather effects
  • (Both) Custom characters can now be created with 120 skill points, to match templated characters
  • (Both) The Candle of Love event has been disabled

Bug Fixes:

  • (KR) KR should now load in Windows 98
  • (Both) Enhance potions should affect Cure potions correctly even against high poison levels
  • (KR) Must be participating in Basics Tutorial in order to receive the quest from Hogarth
  • (Both) Running into a Troll on the bridge in the Hedge Maze should not get you stuck
  • (Both) Fixed bug preventing factions stone gumps from updating properly
  • (KR) All new characters should be started at the Basics Tutorial
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