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Project Torque Open Beta Update E-mail
Friday, 12 October 2007
Today we found in our mailbox the latest issue of the Project Torque newsletter. Project Torque is a car racing MMOG, currently in Open Beta, that should become pay to play in the next months.

Project Torque Update for our Valued Members

Upcoming Events:

Sunday Races $1000 Grand Prize Contest
In November, Aeria Games will randomly pick 32 finalists from our highest level players in Project Torque. If you have reached the Class B License level cap within the game then you are guaranteed eligibility.  Shortly after the elimination tournament will begin!

MySpace / Facebook
Are you obsessed with Facebook and/or MySpace? Do you love Project Torque? If the answer is yes then boy do we have good news for you!!! Players now have the chance of receiving 100 AP for adding Project Torque as a friend on Facebook or MySpace. That's right, we are rewarding you for being addicted to these silly, yet brilliant websites! For more information about the event, please check out THIS FORUM POST.

For the chance to receive 100 AP be sure to add Project Torque as a friend on MySpace and Facebook today.

Corus Vinyl Decal Design Contest
Starting for our Commercial Release of Project Torque, we will be having a contest to design the coolest vinyl decal for the Invictus Corus. The winner will receive a prize package of over $500.00 and will gain the honor of having their design placed in the game! Keep your eyes glued to the website for more information.

Cars for Commercial Release

We’ve got many new cars ready to roll out for Commercial Release. Not only do we have a giant list of fantasy cars, but we’ve gotten licenses for Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi. We’re still working on acquiring more Import and Domestic car licenses, and we plan on having a huge amount of cars available for you to tune, race and win with.   Please check out our current list on the website.

Future Updates

There’s a lot on the way for Project Torque, and this is where you hear about it first! For commercial release we’ve got some new systems on the way. Challenge Mode will be a new system where you can challenge and race your rivals and friends with a new level of competition. Odds will be replaced by an ELO ratings system, and we will begin our Live Rankings at Commercial Release. Also on the way will be the ability to use a Nickname instead of your account name, improved community features, guild like race team system, and so much more!  We’re going to be rolling out new features every month over the next year, so please keep checking the website for more updates!

Special thanks once again to everyone who participated in the Closed Beta. We’re still working on something special for all of you.
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