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Monday, 15 October 2007
The latest UO Five on Friday article talks about Self Repair, Mana Regeneration formula and the Kingdom Reborn client patch expected for the next week.



Ultima Online FoF: Future Features

"So, if Self Repair is capped at 5, why do some of the Heritage items have Self Repair 10?"
I misspoke slightly in the patch notes - Self Repair isn't actually capped, it's just that 5 is considered "maximum intensity" for it. Functionally, there is little or no difference between SR 5 and SR 10 - or 20, or 40 - simply because equipment tends not to be damaged fast enough to overcome the self repair. (Short version: each second, if an item has taken damage, the Self Repair value gets added on to the item's current durability. So with SR 5, each instance of damage gets repaired up to 5 points. Your item would have to be taking MORE than 5 points of damage per second to get ahead of the repair.)

There's no particular reason for the Heritage items to be higher than anything else, but as it's primarily cosmetic, we don't consider it an urgent issue.

"What's the new formula for determining Mana Regeneration?"
It's actually a series of formulae, and would require enough math to make your eyes glaze over to explain it. However, Flash master Noxin has, though comprehensive testing and diligent observation, put together a calculator that appears to be quite accurate - and much simpler to use than the avalanche of numbers I could give you.

"What exactly does the special move "Psychic Attack" do?"
Psychic Attack lowers your opponent's Spell Damage Increase stat. The base effect is a 4% SDI decrease, and it can go up to 16%, depending how much smarter you are than your foe. And yes, SDI can actually become negative.

"How long is the 10th Anniversary content going to last?"
The gifts appearing in backpacks and bankboxes will continue to be given to eligible (30+ day old) characters until noon GMT on October 25th. (This means if you have a character that will become 30 days old between now and then, it will still get its gift once it becomes eligible.)

As for the artifact drops in the dungeons - we have no plans to remove them, but we'd like to add items to the system over time and perhaps limit certain items to certain dungeons or areas. So the content may grow or change, but overall it's here to stay.

"When are we going to see another KR patch?"
We have a client patch scheduled to go out next week that is chock-full of bugfix goodness - including such irritating things as the whole client slowing down if you have your system chat window open, being completely unable to drop items on the ground in caves, and being unable to interrupt running macros.

It's not just KR bug fixes, either - everyone will rejoice to hear that the Doom lockdown bug is fixed in this patch as well, and Samurai should once again be able to bond with their beloved Hiryus, among other things. Keep an eye out for notes next week with all the details! 

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