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WWIIOL Battleground Europe: community Q&A E-mail
Monday, 15 October 2007
On the WWIIOL Battleground Europe official forums there was another interesting questions & answer session between the community and the developers.

Would you be able to include the elimination of the vapor cloud base of a 5" shell water hit, while still leaving the water spout as is, and reduce the smoke effects of a 5" shell hit on a target by 50% for the Campaign beginning this Friday October 12th.?

CRS:- not in that timeframe, no way. It could not be expected to happen prior to the next live release patch at the very earliest.

Any clue yet as to why we lost our visual distance of 7,000/8,000 meters resulting in our ships currently just popping into, and out of, view at 6,000 meters.?

CRS:- none whatsoever. We'll have to test and evaluate to see if there's a bug somewhere, or if the code was changed by mistake.

Would it be possible to allow you to keep your aircraft to spawn from the facility you landed at, when your brigade is moved and the mission is closed. I do not like having to back out to make a new mission from a different brigade to get the same plane back if the brigade isn't there anymore that I was in. I guess, what it boils down to is: (To fit in with the current format of questions in here so far)
Dynamic mission target/origin options - When?

CRS:- it's a future feature we want to do. We don't know the answer to the when question. Sooner would be better than later, but that applies to pretty much everything so no help there.

Can we make it so squad mates show up on Map, no matter what mission or country there flying for? (IE Mixed RAF and FAF flights)

CRS:- Hard to say. We tend to favour, as a design, that who shows up as "friends" on your map tends towards those sharing your objective and/or mission. We're trying to make things easier to function as a tactical/objective team based shooter here. What you're asking for is a "show me where my friends are no matter what they are doing" and it is possible to do that, but we're not sure that's what we're going for as a primary goal of the gameplay. If a mixed flight of RAF and FAF aircraft had the same mission objective, then they already have what you're asking for. If they don't, we're not convinced they should within the context of the gameplays goals as a design. That isn't to say we can't be convinced, we're just not so far.

Any update on when the new sounds that Georgh was working on, might get added to the game

CRS:- Probably should have had new sounds in the game already really, we've just been snowed under with other work. will try to get these packaged into v1.28 release, although that isn't a guarrentee but rather just an effort we will attempt.

Any discussion about the possibility of changing the time delay for brigade movements from 15 minutes to something longer?

CRS:- we've been having a lot of dicussion internally about just this, and other ... gameplay related settings to do with timers and movement related restrictions or rules. We have changed a couple of things, but there are other changes (like the one you suggest) where we haven't arrived at 100% concensus, just yet.

Any news on when there will be more targets that directly effect resources or impact supply , for example fuel depots, munition depots, supply convoys ie trains, etc?

CRS:- Nothing concrete yet, no. There's a ton of backend coding to hook all that kind of thing up once we have a design fully spec'd, so it's more of a long term goal to get there.

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