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Monday, 29 October 2007
During the last week, the ToonTown game servers received the update sv1.0.30.18. In addition the test server has been patched to version sv1.0.30.19.test. Read more for the patch notes.


October 24, 2007 [sv1.0.30.18]


  • Fixed a crash bug which could occur when playing Treasure Dive trolley game.
  • Changed the number of minigolf idle "time outs" from 3 to 2. This means if you do not take a shot within the allotted time twice in a row you will be removed from the course and back to MiniGolf playground. This is to ensure brisk play for all Toons.
  • Fixed crashes caused by Mini Golf.
  • Fixed rare crash while playing Jungle Vines trolley game.
  • Fixed crash which could occur if your Toon tried to teleport to someone seated at a Picnic Table in Acorn Acres.
  • Made the hedges which border Acorn Acres look better.

October 26, 2007 [sv1.0.30.19.test]
  • Changed Type-A-Name panel so that each word's first letter is automatically capitalized.
  • Fixed rare crash bug which could occur if you pick gags off your gag tree.
  • Fixed a very MiniGolf crash bug.
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