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Monday, 10 December 2007
Here is the list of changes introduced last week on EverQuest 1. The patch mostly fixed some buggy quests and items and removed the chance to miss a note for many bard songs.

EVERQUEST Game Update Notes - 5th December 2007


  • Removed the scarecrow effect from the cash loot that was never intended to have the scarecrow effect.
  • Modified the weapon ratio on Sparking Short Sword of Magma.
  • Added new global rare items to SoF instances.
  • An Ornamentation Stripping Tool to remove ornamentations is now available from Magus Alaria in the Guild Lobby and Dashelo Dalroshan in the Bazaar.  Please note that this will only revert the item, not return the ornamentation.
  • Modifed the ratio on Twisted Staff of Temporal Paradox.

Quests & Events

  • Gurtrude will now return items if she does not need them or if she does not trust you enough to take them.
  • The crystals that Big Bynn consumes can no longer be "/open"ed.
  • The Big Bynn raid will now reset properly and completely on failure.
  • Fixed an issue with the Burn Their Boats portion of the Testing the Invaders quest.  Character death will not fail to update the task (though the character must be in the zone when the fires are done burning).
  • Defeating Wegar's Ghost will now update the appropriate task element for the task Vrald's Lost Brother.
  • The Illegible Diary of Lorekeeper Baeldon can now also be found inside Frostcrypt in the hands of one of the ancient lorekeepers.
  • The quest "The Dark Crystals" should now properly reset after a failed attempt at detonating the explosives.
  • The event for the Disable the Recycler quest should reset properly now.  Also, the Director has been training in Meldrath's mechanomagical weight room.
  • Removed the expansion restriction from the Exalted Impressions task.
  • Dwindlix has had a change of heart and will now accept the items he originally asked for.
  • Clockwork Warmarshal will now trust players again enough to assign them the task to Explore the Mansion if they have lost it in anyway.
  • The quest called Supplies for Spies will now update for each group member that completes the final stage.
  • Fixed some issues with the Vrald's Lost Brother task.  It should be much harder to find yourself in a position to be unable to complete this quest.
  • Fixed some issues with the Screw Loose task in Fortress Mechanotus.
  • Overseer Deepscar will no longer reset in certain cases where he is unable to path to his target during his charge attack.
  • Overseer Deepscar's minions will now automatically assist him when they spawn.
  • Overseer Deepscar will now continue to summon golems throughout the fight in all cases.


  • Many persistent, beneficial bard songs no longer have a chance to "miss a note".
  • The functionality of the Monk Echo of Deception ability now mimics Echo of Misdirection.
  • Echo of Misdirection now has an improved resistance modifier.
  • Tranquil Harvest and Patient Harvest can no longer have their duration focused.
  • Tranquil Harvest and Patient Harvest will no longer be suspended while in the guild hall.
  • Durations of the Rime Snap Chill and Flashflames Singe recourses have been extended to two ticks.
  • Spectralside and Grim Covenant will no longer display their conversion effect as DoT damage.
  • The invisibility effect on Aspect of Zomm will no longer wear off prematurely.
  • All faction vendor spells are now lore and no-trade.


  • More merchants now carry template patterns for armor templates made with tradeskills.
  • Increased the respawn time for most NPCs in Bloodmoon Keep to allow groups a bit more leeway when clearing into the zone.
  • Increased the maximum hit points of the pets summoned by the necromancer spell Noxious Servant.
  • Octa is no longer the only creature collecting interesting items in Mechanotus.
  • Aiden Silverwing has taken up residence within the Plane of Knowledge just outside the Guild Lobby.


  • Cutting Nihilite gems will no longer twist your tools.
  • Gravity Flux and Extinguish Fatigue spell research recipes now return the more useful version of the scroll.
  • Altered Infusion of Spirit to more properly match the systematic spell research system.
  • Drop rates on template items have been adjusted.  Ore will drop 15% more often, leather 5% less often and silk 10% less often on humanoids.  Cultural drops themselves have also been adjusted to more closely match player population in each type of armor when it drops from humanoids.  Finally the level 75 cultural drops (not template drops) have had their drop rate reduced as they were coming into the world too quickly.  We will watch it and readjust it as necessary, either direction as necessary.
  • Fixed Seduction of Saryrn, Pact of Hate, Dark Possession, Flight of Eagles, Illusion: Froglok and Night's Dark Terror systematic spell research spells to more closely match the systematic spell research system.


  • Changed the timer of the AA Companion's Relocation to avoid conflicts with other abilities.
  • Blast of Anger will no longer be resistable.
  • The innate attack bonus that Rangers get from level 55 onward has been converted into an AA that will be automatically available for zero cost each level starting at level 55. You will not need to purchase this AA and it will contain the same attack increase that was previously given out innately.  The attack boost that was added to ranger spells previously has been reverted.


  • Rares will not be quite so "frequent" within the Guardian zone.
  • Venturing into the areas directly above Vergalid's lair will no longer eject you back to the zone-in of Vergalid Mines.
  • The Guardian instance will now last as long as the task that opens it.
  • Moved the "safe point" in Meldrath's Mansion a little closer to the front door to make it a little safer.
  • Tuned down the rare NPCs in Mechanotus.  This is a first pass, and other changes to the difficulty of these and other such NPCs may happen in the near future.
  • Corrected an issue with the final raid in Solteris that prevented the event from resetting properly.
  • The Deepest Guk LDoN raid adventures can once again be accessed through the fallen log in Innothule.
  • Reaver Lebanezer will now properly assign the raid task to kill the Soulbleeder.
  • Corrected an issue with spell drops in the Guardian zone. Spells should now drop at the appropriate rate in this zone.


  • Double fogging has been eliminated and now all in game objects should fog correctly.
  • Dragon Heritage/Tattoos should no longer randomly change when using 'face' function in the inventory window.
  • Fixed a few graphic issues with removing an illusion buff.
  • Ranged attacks should no longer register incorrectly.
  • Fixed a couple of text filtering issues.  NPC death text should now appear in the Other filter. Other NPC say messages now appear in Say filter. Cast on Other messages should now filter correctly.
  • Fixed a few zone and server stability issues.
  • Fixed collision issues that caused problems for shorter characters and characters on mounts.
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