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Neverwinter Nights 2: patch 1.12 almost ready E-mail
Monday, 14 January 2008
We received an update from Obsidian about the status of the 1.12 NWN2 patch. The patch is technically in a pre-production phase right now. Obsidian currently needs to do some work to prepare for Ossian's Mysteries of Westgate Adventure Pack and that is delaying the shift into full production phase.

These are the main objectives of the patch. As you will see most of them are aimed to improve multiplayer games.

  • Eliminate the errors caused by transitioning with familiars summoned.
  • Fix the issue where the Use Magic Device skill takes priority over caster levels.
  • Allow Warlocks to be able to take crafting feats.
  • Eliminate area transition crashes.
  • Fix the issue where swapping spells on level-up makes characters invalid.
  • Update the Dedicated Server Creator to install NX1 files and model directories.
  • Provide more detail in the Multiplayer "missing file" error message.
  • Eliminate the item identification price discrepancies between the toolset and the price displayed in-game.
  • Fix 75 spells.
  • Make appropriate spells able to be scribed to a scroll.
  • Allow Armorrulestats.2da, and other files, to be readable from hak pack in-game.
  • Implement stealth animations for playable races.
  • Fix issues with Invisibility.
  • Bind the player list to the P key.
  • Implement the UI feature to change portraits in-game.
  • Implement multi-server portal support.
  • Increase the dedicated server player limit to 120.
  • Implement the ability to change the loot bag appearance.
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