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Monday, 28 January 2008
On the 23rd and 24th two new Guild Wars patches have been committed into the live servers. These patches fixed some buggy skills and two minor UI problems. The consolidated patch notes follows.

Guild Wars Update - Thursday January 24
Bug Fixes


Victory or Death
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the Guild Lord in GvG from charging into melee range when fighting the opposing Guild Lord.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Elementalist skill 'Unsteady Ground' to fail if its target died before the casting time completed.

  • Fixed an incorrect error message for the Mesmer skill 'Simple Thievery'.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Mesmer skill 'Signet of Illusions' from applying the user's Illusion attribute to certain spell effects.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Monk skill 'Patient Spirit' from displaying its healed amount to the caster.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a visible gap at the elbow when Obsidian Armor (Necromancer male) was worn with certain combinations of other armor.

  • Fixed a bug in the quest named "A New Guide" that caused the quest log to show an incorrect location for Curator Ruras.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the character-select screen to display the selected character's home campaign incorrectly, and to falsely state that the character could not be used.
  • Fixed a bug that caused distant Heroes to incorrectly display a change in Health instead of Energy when under the effects of some skills. For example, a Hero using Storm Djinn's Haste while beyond compass range would appear to lose approximately 10 Health per second instead of the actual 1 Energy per second.

  • Made preparations for the Bonus Mission Pack to be sold via the in-game store.

Guild Wars Update - Wednesday January 23
Skill Updates
Victory or Death
  • The Guild Lord will now use his axe when combating other Guild Lords.
  • NPCs during Victory or Death will do 30% more damage, and an additional 10% more damage each minute after Victory or Death.

  • Aura of Stability: decreased duration to 3..10 seconds.

  • Pious Assault: decreased activation time to .5 seconds.

  • Fear Me: increased recharge time to 6 seconds.

  • Sight Beyond Sight: reverted duration back to 8..20 seconds.
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