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Tuesday, 12 February 2008
Yesterday the Ultima Online Origin server has been updated with the most recent patch, which modified runic intensities for blacksmith and tailoring tools and introduced a few more BOD and crafting related modifications.
The other servers are expected to receive the same update in the next days.
This update also included the Valentine live content.


Ultima Online - 11 Feb 2008 - Origin Server


  • Changed all Blacksmithing and Tailoring runic intensities. Runics will now better match up to higher end loot. Maximum intensities are now 100% for all tailoring and blacksmithy runics, minimums are as follows:
Dull Copper: was 10, now 40
Shadow: was 20, now 45
Copper: was 25, now 50
Bronze: was 30, now 55
Gold: was 35, now 60
Agapite: was 40, now 65
Verite: was 45, now 70
Valorite: was 50, now 85
Spined: was 20, now 40
Horned: was 30, now 45
Barbed: was 40, now 50
  • Increased chance for GM smiths to get a hued BOD: +20% at 110 skill, +40% at 120 skill
  • Increased chance of receiving a Valorite BOD
  • Large footwear BODs should now be available in hues
  • BODs now have a 10 second wait time between turnins
  • NPCs now vocally acknowledge a BOD turnin
  • Creatures now give double meat resources in Felucca (except Siege and Mugen)
  • Frenzied Whirlwind now does more damage: 20 - 50 per strike
  • Certain Dragons have been buffed; they are now more powerful than Cu-Sidhe, Reptalons, or Hiryus but take 5 control slots
  • Ancient Wyrms now even more dangerous and powerful
  • Harrower resists and weapon skills slightly lowered
  • Bag of Sending fixed to handle items' weight ranges properly:
  • 1 - 10 stones cost one charge
  • 11 - 20 costs two, etc.
  • Broken quest chains can now be resigned from properly
  • Fixed bug where NPCs at the New Haven dock could block escort quests
  • Fixed bug where player can become stuck when trying to leave the Dark Knight challenge
  • Salvage bag: No longer creates overweight situations
  • Salvage bag: Recycles cloth without problems when multiple items exist in the bag
  • Salvage bag: Recovered resources will now stack appropriately
  • Removed monster firecrackers and particle effects on death
  • Blackrock elementals will not be a factor in your Valentine's Day mining activities
  • Disabled Halloween trick or treating
  • Disabled pumpkins from spawning
  • Magincia: Travel spells reenabled
  • Magincia: Permanent teleporters set up between Trinsic and Magincia (near the docks on each), both on solid ground
  • The New Haven moongate (southwest of the city) received worldbuilding updates, and a guard zone
  • Strangle should now be 12 seconds at 120 SS, instead of 11

Valentine's Day Content:

  • Gift box spawns on characters older than 30 days
  • Added three new books of poetry
  • Added new NPC to sell books of poetry, called "Francis the Chapman" inside the Britain Conservatory
  • Rare pink bunnies will now spawn in a few hues throughout the land. Extremely rare purple bunny may make an appearance
  • Added four new "Stuffy Animals" that can be snuggled with at home
  • Added new Valentine's Day cards, in softer pastel pinks and whites. Several new messages
  • Added dark, milk, and white chocolates
  • New park area built around the Yew Waterfalls
  • Added a new Chocolatiering branch to the Cooking skill (Known Issue: the new chocolates only appear on the Cooking menu in 2D)
  • Added new chocolate ingredients that spawn on paragon monsters
  • Live event content
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