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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Here are the preliminary patch notes for the next Chapter in the Star Wars Galaxy saga: The Fury of Exar Kun. The most important addition for this patch will be the release of a new Heroic encouter in the Temple of Exar Ku.

Chapter 9: The Fury of Exar Kun

Temple of Exar Kun Heroic Encounter:

A team of archaeologists has been searching the remaining temples on Yavin 4 to find lost Sith artifacts. While exploring the area around the Temple of Exar Kun, the team stumbled upon undiscovered catacombs hidden deep underground. What will they discover in the depths of the temple? Find out in this new heroic encounter!

Your journey to uncover the mysteries of the Temple of Exar Kun begins in the Aurilia Adventurer's guildhall.

  • Storyteller blueprints have been added. Blueprints allow a storyteller to lay out a scene with storyteller props, save that scene, and deploy it quickly and easily. The storyteller vendor near the NPC theaters in each city offers a blueprint for sale. Use the radial menu on the blank storyteller blueprint in your inventory and choose Save Blueprint Data to save the complete scene.
  • Ground targeting for storyteller prop placement has been added.
  • Jukebox converters have been added to the storyteller vendor. A jukebox converter will make a storyteller prop that you target and that you own into a jukebox. It will then behave just like a normal jukebox storyteller prop.
  • NPC difficulty converter tokens have been added to the storyteller vendor. The NPC difficulty converter tokens change a storyteller combat NPC to elite difficulty or to boss difficulty. You must own the storyteller combat NPC in order to change its difficulty (or be assisting the owner).
  • Storyteller invitation terminals have been added. A storyteller invitation terminal allows players to join your story without you or an assistant needing to manually invite them. Anyone who uses a storyteller invitation terminal will be added to the owner's story, unless they are already a member of a story.
  • Storyteller props may now be purchased in bulk, up to 10 at a time for most props.
  • Combat and Flavor NPCs may now be asked to unequip their weapons, or to re-equip them again if you wish.
  • Additional storyteller props and NPCs have been added.
  • Storyteller events can now be held on Dathomir, Endor, and Yavin 4.

  • Repeatable Galactic Civil War PvP collections have been added.
  • A collection with an Instant Travel Vehicle reward has been added.
  • A number of new ground collections have been added.

  • Added recourse effects to dire root and dire snare. Once you have been affected by dire snare or dire root, you are immune to the effects for 25 or 18 seconds respectively.
  • Increased base duration of dire root; the total duration remains 9 seconds.

Power Ups:
  • Buff icons for active power ups have been added. These icons indicate the remaining duration of the power up.
  • You can now overwrite an existing power up with a new power up.
  • Fixed issue with power ups cancelling their effects upon cloning.

Magseal Containers:
  • It is now possible to access magseal containers. In order to do so, you must obtain a keycode, which is obtained by defeating creatures. There are 10 different keys; each key opens a magseal container on a specific planet. You will find a variety of items inside the magseal container.

  • Plasma grenade particle effect changed to not be so obnoxious.

  • Successful Blaster Burst and Razor Slash attacks will apply a debuff that increases further damage by Blaster Burst and Razor Slash by 10%. This effect will stack up to 10 times.

Axkva Min Heroic Encounter:
  • Changed legacy Axkva Min badge to state it was awarded for legacy content in the Nightsister Stronghold and not for the new Axkva Min heroic encounter.

  • Area spawns around Tatooine should be the appropriate levels now.
  • Adolescent Krayt Dragons no longer spawn in terrain.
  • The sizes of the following paintings have been adjusted: A Painting, Painting of Blumbush, and Grunda Painting.
  • Updated Bink Video library to version 1.9c
  • Miles Sound System has been updated to version 7.2a.
  • The text for claiming the 57 month veteran rewards has been updated. 
  • Corrected an issue with the scout trooper belt appearing camouflage instead of white.

Chapter 9 Gift: War Terminal
  • When you log into Chapter 9, you will receive the War Terminal publish gift. This terminal, when placed in a structure you own, displays readout data about the Galactic Civil War across the planets in your galaxy.
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