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Monday, 14 July 2008
Publish 54 has gone live on all UO shards. The update introduces new changes to the Faction System, some general bug fixes and the third phase of the Spring Cleaning programme.

Ultima Online Publish 54 patch notes

Bug Fixes: Factions

  • Non-factioners can now do beneficial actions to factioners in Trammel rulesets
  • Faction Vendors no longer block Faction Guards or players
  • Fixed an issue with Sigils getting stuck in the incorrect state and requiring a server restart before corruption could resume
  • Faction abbreviations will show in the player's onscreen name in Felucca (works with All Names)
    • [Min] Minax
    • [CoM] Council of Mages
    • [TB] True Britannians
    • [SL] Shadowlords
  • Red faction members/enemy guild members now con orange to an opposing guild or faction
  • Fixed a bug where logging out in Sanctuary caused loss of titles and kill points
  • Fixed the faction crafting menu. Players who craft items in a town they control, in the proper shop, will receive the faction enhancement menu after successfully creating an item.
  • Non-faction guilds that are part of an alliance can no longer join a faction without first leaving their alliance.
  • Faction commanders can now remove their own faction's traps regardless of skill, without a kit
  • Stuck Faction Traps Deeds will be removable from players’ backpacks after players quit the faction by double clicking or attempting to move the deed

Bug Fixes: General
  • Monsters will no longer cast the wrong sort of curse on players
  • An issue was fixed with Ninja Shadow Jump not allowing you to perform any actions afterwards
  • Turn-in house addon rewards now give a deed that allows you to choose the direction of the addon. Existing addons can be axed to create a deed with this functionality.
  • Velocity will now properly add additional damage to arrows
  • Players will now get a proper error message when trying to axe a flour mill with wheat in it
  • The "I wish to resize my house" command will not work with items in the moving crate. You will receive a message “You can not resize your house at this time. Please remove all items from the moving crate and try again,”
  • Pets will now immediately update their status (notoriety, guild flag) when traded, commanded, etc.
  • Murderers can cast beneficial spells on their pets without being flagged as a criminal
  • The alchemist in New Haven now teaches Alchemy
  • Jagged Crystal Shards will drop more often in the Prism of Light
  • Player vendors are now capped at holding two billion gold from sales. If you try to go over this cap you will receive an error message, no gold will be taken and the item will remain on the vendor
  • Fixed a bug with the Stolen Goods quest not recognizing the quest items
  • Key Rings were removed from NPC stealable chests and added back as an item you can place on your player vendor as a not-for-sale item.
  • The damage aura given off by Lava Serpents summoned with Talisman will no longer damage other players
  • The Skinned Goat stealable in Doom should no longer spawn partially underground
  • Player-made shepherd's crooks should be sellable to vendors
  • Fixed an error in the text for the "New Cloak" quest
  • Fixed a bug where players selling gems while overweight would get "A Deed" instead of a bank check
  • Summoned serpents will no longer speak to players. Ssshs thsis…
  • The Paroxysmus’s Swamp Dragon, The Grizzled Mare Statuette, The Albino Squirrel, and the Ferret can be fed, if they go wild they can now be retamed and rebond with you.
  • The Imprisoned Dog is now correctly flagged as a summonned pet and will not go wild. It can no longer be traded.
  • Talisman of Ward Removal no longer works against friendly players in Trammel
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when a stealthed player tries to mount
  • The "Minax is #1" shirt is now available in the Spring Cleaning rewards lists
  • The Demon Lord near the Chaos Shrine will no longer spawn out of reach in the river
  • Players will now receive a warning message when releasing summoned pets
  • Fixed an error when milking a cow
  • New Haven escorts no longer give Compassion points
  • Arcane Foci can no longer be created by a single spellweaver
  • The Paladin sword and the Redeemer can now be repaired with repair deeds
  • Fixed an issue with the spawning location of the Doom Bone Dragon
  • Spring Cleaning Turn in containers will now give you the message “You should empty that out before trying to turn it in” if they have any contents and you try to turn them in.
  • The Dark Father will no longer teleport back to its room
  • Sherry the Mouse now has access to the Town Crier system
  • Players should no longer retain summoned pets on their follower list after summoned pets are eliminated
Spring Cleaning 2008: Phase III

A new set of turn-in items and rewards have been added to the existing turn-in system. These items are in addition to the Publish 52 and Publish 53 items, and all points from Phase I and II can be used on Phase III items

Yonns the Collector, outside of the Artist's Guild in Britain, will now accept these items in addition to his previous list:

Holiday, Valentine & Halloween Gifts
  • Stuffy Animals
  • Stockings
  • Gift Boxes
  • IOU Cake card
  • Halloween Candy
  • Champagne Glass
  • Halloween Pumpkins
Anniversary Gifts
  • 10th Anniversary Fireworks Wand
  • 9th Anniversary Coin
  • Mondain coin
  • Anniversary cakes
  • Mini-House Deeds
  • Jaana’s Hangover Remedy
  • Easter Eggs
  • Birthday bells
  • Fireworks Wands
Crystal and Shadow House Deco Items
Brightly Colored Eggs
Twilight Lanterns
Ghoul Statuette
Anti-Virtue Dungeon Non-Artifact Items
  • 10th anniversary sculpture
  • 10 anniversary map
  • Ankh pendant
  • Gorget of Honesty
  • Legs of Honor
  • Sollerets of Sacrifice
  • Breastplate of Justice
  • Arms of Compassion
  • Gauntlets of Valor
  • Helm of Spirituality

Buford is collecting a wide variety of new items - you can find him in front of the Jeweler's shop in Britain.

Skull of Greed (Barracoon)
Artifacts Level 3 and 4
Recipe Scrolls
Paragon Chests
Melisande's Fermented Wine
Orcish Kin Masks
Evil Orc Helm
Tribal Rewards:
  • Tribal Berries
  • Tribal Spears
  • Tribal Masks (colored)
Clockwork Assembly
Power Crystal
Bag of Sending
Trammel/Felucca Moonstones
Music Gear
Resolve's Bridle
Hag Quest
  • Moonfire Brew
  • Cauldron
  • Grizelda’s Hangover Cure
Legacy Stealables
  • Paint and Brush
  • Horse Shoe
  • Forged Metal
  • Rope
  • Wire (iron, silver, gold copper)
Item Identification Wand/Staff
Glacial Staff
Book of Truth
Plague Beast Cores
Daily Rares
  • Empty basket
  • Fruit Basket
  • Candle
  • Large rocks
  • Small rock
Full Jars
Golden Skulls
Peerless Boss Rewards
  • Giant Mushrooms
  • Dreadhorn Head (pristine and mangled)
  • Dreadhorn horn
  • Grizzled Tombstones
  • Collection of skulls
  • Glob of the Grizzle
  • Monstrous Grizzle Maggots
  • Shimmering Crystals
  • Shimmering Effusion Statuette
  • Corporeal Brume Statuette
  • Sweat of Paroxysmus
  • String of Parts
  • Paroxysmus’ Dinner
  • Paroxysmus’ Corroded Stein
  • Travesty’s Collection of Shells
  • Travesty’s Fine Teakwood Tray
  • Tragic Remains of Travesty
  • Travesty’s Sushi Preparations
  • Special Hair Dye
  • Corroded Hatchet
  • Eternally Corrupt Tree
Skull of Power(Rikktor)
Skull of Venom(Mephitis)
Skull of Pain(Semidar)
Skull of Death(Neira)
Skull of Enlightenment(Oaks)

New Rewards
Mouse Hole
Sorceror Armor (each piece)
Scout Armor (each piece)

  • Mouse Holes can only be placed on interior walls
  • The Sorceror Armor has the following per-piece stats:
    • Intelligence Bonus 1
    • Lower Reagent Cost 10%
    • 7% Each Resist
  • When the entire set is worn, Sorceror Armor gives the following total stats:
    • Lower Reagent Cost 100%
    • Lower Mana Cost 5%
    • Mana Regen 2%
    • Defense Chance Increase 10%
    • Intelligence Bonus 12 (total)
    • 70 each resist (total)
  • The Scout Armor has the following per-piece stats:
    • Dexterity Bonus 1
    • 7% Each Resist
    • Mage Armor
  • When the entire set is worn, Scout Armor gives the following total stats:
    • Hit Chance Increase 10%
    • Damage Increase 10%
    • Mana Regen 2%
    • Hit Point Regen 2%
    • Dexterity Bonus 12 (total)
    • 70 each resist (total)
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