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The Matrix Online: Chapter 11.1.2 E-mail
Monday, 25 August 2008
The current MXO storyline, which started with Update 62, is going forward. Here the story covering the newest events.

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##Secure Link Established##

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//Transmission: Story Summary//
//ID: MXO chapter 11.1.2 Story Summary //

##Connection Established##

Zion came across evidence of attacks on Wright Research's network, quickly hushed up by Wright Research security, although the Wright security teams had not been able to find any evidence of the attacker.

Machinists investigating riots in the city found bluepills enraged by loss of their cable television and internet access, due to a mass failure of the leading consumer set-top box and home router devices, manufactured by none other than the Ouroboros Corporation.

Merovingian operatives dug up the scientist Silver, enlisting his special knowledge in the effort to understand and utilize the biological interface program. Silver agreed to help only on threat of deletion--a threat the Merovingian has carried out in the past.

Ghost and Zion operatives tracked Silver down and questioned him about his activities, including his involvement with recent security issues at Wright Research; in the past, Silver had worked closely with the company's founder, Danielle Wright. Silver denied any involvement, and escaped from the operatives, but not before they captured a device from him that led them to a hidden research lab in the slums, guarded by Exiles. A code scan of the area showed that Silver had been isolated there for several months, which seemed to support his claim of non-involvement in the Wright Research problems.

Merovingian operatives checked on the progress of Silver's research, finding him engaged in a series of gruesome experiments on docile bluepills. The operatives were highly skeptical of the usefulness of Silver's activities, and Ookami arrived to warn the scientist that he was expected to produce results.

Agent Pace called on Machine operatives to hold bluepills who were rioting at the Ouroboros Corporation's headquarters in Creston Heights, until their pod treatment could be sufficiently modified to pacify them. Some of the bluepills were killed in the resulting melee, but the mob was eventually dispersed, and the operatives arrested rabble-rousing bluepill Enoch Horner, turning him over to Agent Pace.

//Datastream Closed//

##Connection Terminated##

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