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Ultima Online: on Skill Caps and Braziers E-mail
Monday, 24 November 2008
With the latest Five of Friday article from the UO Herald website, the UO Players received some clarifications on veteran rewards, targetting dead pets and the possibility of a Skill Cap increase coming with the next expansion.

 "Concerning potted cactus & brazier veteran rewards: if we've already picked these items - after the re-deeding issue is fixed in the upcoming publish, will those of us with already existing plants and braziers also be able to re-deed them and reselect?"

No you will not be able to re-deed these items. The reason being these are not deeded items that you can axe and replace, that's why we informed players to hold off picking them if they wanted a choice.


"I am having an issue with not being able to target my dead pet, how can I fix this?"

Try logging out and back in first and if that doesn't fix it please try using a pet summoning ball on it. That should help with the problem of not being able to target your dead pet.


"The EM Moderator program stopped taking applications on Monday, when will I know if I'm chosen or not?"

We're carefully reviewing all applications and we'll be making our final decision in the next couple of days as well as getting all of the paperwork ready for when we announce the new Event Moderators. The interest has been wonderful and we look forward to getting the EM Program started!


"When will Concussion Blow ever be balanced?"

There are some changes coming up in Publish 57 that will address Concussion Blow so keep an eye out for that!


”Are we going to be increasing the skill cap for SA?"

Leurocian answered this one: We want to review and balance the existing templates and skills first, after this is completed we will be reviewing the possibility of increasing the skill cap.
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