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Shadowland Quests Update E-mail
Friday, 13 January 2006
Anarchy Online Patch 16.2 is arriving soon. The main addition in it will be a brand new series of quests that will let the players explore the continent of Shadowlands. Anarchy Online, after suffering bad reviews at the time of release, worked seriously and hard to change its fame and short destiny, and we can say that it succceded.

We can hope that this patch will continue the tradition of serious content enhancements.

  • Over sixty new quests for players with the Shadowlands Expansion
  • The Shadowlands zones of Nascense and Elysium have been populated with new quest giving NPCs. Seek them out for new adventures, experience, credits and rewards.
  • From quick and easy to long and involved the quests offer great gameplay options for either a fast adventure or a lengthy session!
  • Quests can also start from items dropped as random loot by mobs. Handing them in to interested NPCs can send you on further adventures.
  • Improved Mission and Quest view GUI element allows you a better view of your current quests.
  • Improved NPC dialogue screens.
Here is the full Funcom article .
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