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Asheron's Call Letter to the Players E-mail
Tuesday, 17 January 2006

"Last month we saw many changes to Dereth.". This is how the Asheron's Call January letter to the players starts. The letter is intentended to clarify how the timers for the Temples of Forgetfulness and Enlightenment works.

Something new is also coming in January. 

New for January

Higher Resolution Textures
These textures will be available for use when the event goes live. You will be able to activate them in the same way you would change your graphic settings normally. Simply go to your options tab and scroll down till you see the Texture Detail dropdown. In the dropdown, there is now a Very High setting. If you have ToD, you can enable these textures. Please note that in order for the textures to be seen, you must restart your client after making the changes. Everyone who meets the recommended hardware requirements listed on the box should be able to run these textures with a minimal difference to performance.

Friends Panel

New to Asheron's Call this month is an interactive Friends Panel. With this panel it will be easier to add and remove friends. You will also have the ability to hide your online status. We were unable to transfer your old friends list over to the new Friends Panel. You can however, enter the command @friends old and you will get a listing of your old friends list in your main chat window. In addition, your friends list can now hold up to 50 people.

PK Arenas
After getting some feedback from players, we have decided to add in PK and PK Lite Arenas. These arenas will be easily recalled to by either typing in @pkarena if you are a normal player-killer or @pklarena if you are player-killer lite. You will need to be in the state of being PK or PKL, respectively, in order to enter these arenas. For example, if you want to recall to the PK arena, you will need to be PK to do so. These recalls cost the player no mana. In future months, we will solicit feedback from our playerbase on how the arenas can be made better. The goals of these arenas are to not only give player-killers a place of their own to fight in and to also help get the combat out of the marketplace.

Billing Improvements
As most of you already know there was an extended downtime earlier this week. Part of what was being updated was the billing system. As a result of this update, you will now no longer need to contact our billing department in order to re-subscribe your account.

Darktide Server Crashes
Over the past several months there have been multiple instances where sub-servers on Darktide have crashed. We have tracked down the cause of this issue and resolved it. We will have more details on this in the coming weeks.

These are just some of the changes that will be taking place in the January Event, Reprisals.


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