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Friday, 20 January 2006

Sony Online Entertainment is working on a new subscriptiom system for Planetside. New players will be soon able to register for a 12 month free limited account.

But there is more news also. 

Subscription Free - "Fodder Program"
New Players will be able to create a new account and and play for free for a period of 12 months. The new account will have limitations on the BattleRank (+ or - BR8) and the CommandRank (+ or - CR2). Essentially, new players will be able to have access to any part of the game but they will be limited on the diversity of their arsenal. Time Frame – We are shooting for February 14th for Launch.

New Player Training
Simultaneously to be launched with the Subscription Free service, we will be changing the UI for all new characters. One of the complaints that we receive frequently is that when you enter the game, there isn’t an easy learning curve and transition into battle. We’re going to change that in hopes of getting new players/characters into battle within a couple minutes of entering the game at the same time teaching them how to play. You may or may have not noticed that we have implemented 2 new saved favorites just recently to equip new players with a load-out much quicker.

Blast into PlanetSide Promotion
I’m sure you have all noticed the increase of population the past week. The main reason is that we opened over 300,000 closed accounts and granted 30 days of free play if they log into the account before February 28, 2006. So contact your old squad members and find out what is holding them up if they’re dragging their feet.

Art Projects in the works

Many of the art projects stem from new deployable items and weapon variants. I mentioned in the past that we received a ton of good suggestions and illustrations from many. Most notably from Idealab’s documentation. We started out with the idea of implementing many of the ideas and when it came down to selecting which ones to work on, our team decided to use those ideas, other suggestions from individuals on the boards as well as mixing in their own ideas. So I hope you will find these projects exciting for the near future.

Tank Traps
The best picture that comes to mind when we discuss Tank Traps is the scene from Saving Private Ryan when they are storming the beach at the beginning of the movie. And to make things worse for them getting to shore are those huge metal objects impeding the boat’s progress. Tank Traps – Place them around your towers and entry ways. Stop those vehicles from sitting in front of your tower door while they just unload and annihilate anything that comes out. If they try to ram them, they’ll take damage.

Cloaking Bubble
Ok, we’ve got to come up with a better name but for the mean time, that’s what we’ll call it. This will allow you to deploy a cloaking bubble very much similar to the shield used for the AMS. However, without the AMS in the way there will be more room for placing other support objects or troops inside.

Supply Depots
You’ll be able to deploy Ammo or Equipment Terminals out in the battlefield. You won’t have to rely on an AMS always being around if you pop one of these in your Cloaking Bubble. Also, drop a Med Terminal or station and you’ve got the makings of an excellent support depot that is hidden to other empires… at least for a few minutes.

Galaxy Gunship
There isn’t much more to say about this other than LOOK OUT! At it’s current design, I believe your looking at 7 gunner positions that might be helpful by doing a mission requiring you to clear a path. Remember to use the New Squad Definitions when forming a squad with specific goals in mind.

Air to Air Mosquito
Ok Pilots, you’ve now got some rockets you can use for air to air combat. Take down those Reavers that are camping out in front of my tower again. I can’t get out!!!!

One-Man Turrets
That’s right – Deploy a one-manned turret out in the field. These are different than our current Ronco turrets (Set it and forget it turrets). You can deploy the turret out on the battlefield and wreak havoc… but you better watch out for those snipers because the turret is predominantly open.

Re-configurable Wall Turrets
Take your average wall turret and equip it with AA weaponry to clear the skies over Cyssor. OR… Change it out to a combo AV / standard turret to beat back the land crawlers knocking on your front door.

Radiation Sniper Slugs
Technology is getting better each day. The scientists have developed a slug that can be used in long ranged sniper rifles. If hit by these radiation slugs, your health will slowly reduce over time.

Electromagnetic Force Field
Need a temporary reprieve? Throw up a force field that will give you some cover while you get your wits about you. But don’t take too long because these force fields will take damage and be destroyed. If you’re working with a good team, keep adding more sections to your force field to keep the enemy wondering which section you’ll be jumping out at.

Katana Special
Ok, that isn’t the real name but we’re creating a new knife that you can be gained through your merits and awards.

Weapon Variants
Ok, this is the larger project that we will be working on. We will be creating new weapon variants for most, if not all, of the weapons that you have access to. We’re working out the design but the art work doesn’t need to be held up to allow you to pick an augmentation of the gun that you love to use. It might shoot faster with less accuracy or slower with better accuracy. Heck, you might be able to zoom in with it further. All of these augmentations are based on the hundreds to thousands of suggestions we receive on how to make each weapon better than it already is now. All of these things are being worked out right now and your access to them may have something to do with your merits and awards.

Well, these are the core items we are working on currently. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to seeing your comments and feedback.
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