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EverQuest 2 vs World of Warcraft E-mail
Monday, 23 January 2006
One year ago we could find forum threads, articles and commentaries with the tile "EverQuest 2 vs World of Warcraft" everywhere. One year after the release of the two biggest "Second generation MMORPG" Rage3D publishes a new article reviewing the fight again.
"The internet is filled with EQ2 vs WoW threads, articles, columns, etc. But I have yet to see something that is not biased and is actually up to date, meaning that it looks at the game, as they are now.

For this reason I decided that it would be fun writing something along those lines. But there were problems in front of me before I even began to write the first sentence... How was I to write something objective and unbiased, yet still compare the two games? In the end I decided to do it in the following way:
  1. Break down the two games into several categories
  2. In each category look at what each game promised to deliver, what it delivered upon launch and what it offers now
  3. At the end of each category look at the progress of each and try to determine who will care about this.

Oh, before I forget… I am sure that several people will disagree with me and say that I favored one of the two games. This is of course inevitable. But with my 20+ days invested into each of the two games (that means 20+ days of pure game play time – over 480 hours invested into each of the games) I think I have a pretty good idea what both games offer.

With that said, let the fun begin."
Interesting, interesting... let's read on
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