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Buy a Real GeForce with Second Life Currency E-mail
Tuesday, 24 January 2006
There is a website on wich Second Life residents who wants to sell some of their creations put their item and prices on a list that buyers can check. It it an electronic shop, with just a big difference comparing it with thousands of other online shops you can find on the web: the goods are not real but Second Life items, and the currency is the Second Life one also.
But a real computer grafic card was also listed for sale at the price of 20,000 ingame Linden Dollars. 

The website we are talking about is SL Boutique . The system running the shop is great. The web site is directely linked to vendors in the game, special avatars running a script, and money is automatically and safely transferred between buyer and seller by the system.

This is the listed article we are talking about, an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500.

Terranova is asking its readers: "So does a currency become ‘real’ when you can buy physical stuff with it? Even if that stuff is, irony or ironies, a video card?".

Good question. 

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