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Toontown reviewed by E-mail
Wednesday, 25 January 2006
The Walt Disney produced MMORPG, ToonTown Online, has been reviewed by the staff of

In ToonTown " You play a cartoon character of your own choosing and are on a mission to save Toontown from the greedy suit and tie robots known as the Cogs.".

"As I focus on the categories for the evaluation on this game I ask the reader to keep in mind that this is a game for kids. We are not solving massive puzzles or fighting intense PvP battles here." 

I used to play ToonTown some time ago with some friends, and I can assure you that not every player is a child. For myself, even if the mechanics are really simple and the game is rarerly updated, I was enjoying it.

The review is here  , but if you are interested in the game I strongly suggest you to pay a visit to the ToonTown community driven website ToonTownCentral.

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