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Monday, 30 January 2006
The two latest City of Heroes Neighborhood Reports are for The Hollows and Galaxy City.

The Hollows: Neighborhood Report
Security Level: 5-15

The Hazard Zone of the Hollows is a fierce battleground for the gangs of Paragon City. New heroes are often pulled into service to help the Paragon Police Troll Task Force. Heroes must reach Security Level 5 before being granted access, but as soon as they have proven themselves to be tough enough, they are always a welcome sight for the badly outnumbered police forces.

The Hollows is east of Atlas Park and northeast of Skyway City. As a Hazard zone, it has no monorail station. Similarly, there are no trainers or hospitals within. The borders of the neighborhood are blocked off by War Walls, and the only entrances are secured by the Paragon Police Department. The Hollows is roughly divided up into five neighborhoods.

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Galaxy City 

Galaxy City is a small, sheltered district near the heart of Paragon City. It is a densely populated region located between Independence Port to the west, and Perez Park to the east. Galaxy is south of the financial towers of Steel Canyon, and north of the industrial warehouses of King’s Row.

Galaxy City is perhaps best known for its tributes to fallen heroes. Several breathtaking statues are found scattered throughout the district, reminding the residents of those who gave so much of themselves for the people of the city. The sculptures are all dedicated to heroes who made the area their home, and include Wayland, a self-proclaimed descendant of a Norse hero; Cassiopeia, the lovely psionicist who gave her life during the early days of World War II; and Matthew Barnes, born and raised in Equinox, who enlisted during World War II and joined the 1st Hero Brigade as M-1.

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