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Lessons UO Can Learn From WOW E-mail
Tuesday, 07 February 2006
On a Stratics forum thread titled "Lessons UO Can Learn From WOW" there are some nice intervents from some UO developers, explaining what do they think is the current role and position of UO in the MMORPG market.

One post from CatHat (UO Artist) for example says: "The real irony here guys is Game Developers (from EA and Blizzard, for obvious example) change hands all the time like members of Pro sports teams do, i kid you not. Its ironic that a lot of the things hated or beloved are often made by someone who once worked either company and project.

UO is just one of the first MMOG models of its type - and older now, 8 years - eek that got us into the Guiness World book or records, seriously. Try to find any games that old still on the market or less the same after that long. Well, if you can, I bet they all need polish after that long.

During UO's HeyDay - they had well over a million subscibers - and that was when everybody had 56Ks and the number of people online was teeny tiny. So the % of players we had was even greater than the % of onine users WOW has now. Not to Diss WOW - not saying that - hell, lotta friends working on that and i like a lot of ways WOW does things-some of it works good for them - not to say its gonna necesarily work for us. Lets face it - nobody and nothing is perfect. Even if it gets close - times change fast and so do peoples expectations.

UO pioneered a lot of what we take for granted in MMOGs today. An old saying "yesterdays philosophy is today's common sense." The only problem with stuff is that philosophies change over time - even if you make something perfect for some date - it gets old - that ever moving cutting edge.

So i'd say UO's change sweeps to fix a lot of whats drifted over time are well overdue. It just takes a lotta time to go through 8 years of stuff. UO has seen a lot of MMOGs come and go and still keeps going. It has a long past and still has a bright future. UO is #5 or 6 rank when it comes to the number of players in a subscription MMOG today. Not too shabby if you think about all the number of games out there on the shelf and how old UO is to date."

The rest of the LONG thread can be read here.

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