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Everquest Patch Scheduled for the 21th E-mail
Monday, 13 February 2006
The next Everquest patch will swap again the hotzones, tweak some tradeskills recipes, and do a few more things.
We expect the following items, along with the items listed under the December 20th message, will be going to Live Servers in Upcoming Live Updates, but can not guarantee they will be in the next Live Update.  The next Live Update is scheduled for February 21, 2006.

*** Events ***

– Raids in Dynamic zones in Gates of Discord now require a minimum of 12 people to be started.

- Sendaii the Hive Queen raid will now lock out the expedition after the glowing egg is broken.

- NPC’s should no longer re-spawn after being killed in the Controlling the Beast mission set in Stoneroot Falls.

- The mission “Taking Control” from Stoneroot Falls now only requires 3 people to start it.

- Adjusted the rewards on monster missions so they scale better based on how long it’s actually taking to complete the mission.

*** Tradeskills ***

– Deep Orc Essence now requires less meat.

– Disabled the spell research creation of the spell Draught of Lightning.  This was done because it is a quest derived spell.

– Some very old erudite only combines have had their trivials adjusted up from being no-fail to on par with other combines of that era.

*** Items ***

– Changed the Slot12 Tradeskill augments that have Cleave, Ferocity, Furious Bash, Improved Dodge, Improved Parry and Sharpshooting to be worn effects instead of focus effects.

*** New Hot Zones ***

- The time has come to once again update the "Hot Zones" throughout Norrath. The previous zones have been reverted to their former states and the following zones are now a great place to go for experience and fun:
Level 20: Najena
Level 25: Iceclad Ocean
Level 30: Rathe Mountains
Level 35: Frontier Mountains
Level 40: Gulf of Gunthak
Level 45: Velketor's Labrynth
Level 50: Fungus Grove
Level 55: Old Sebilis
Level 60: Cazic Thule
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