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Tuesday, 21 February 2006
Now that Publish 39 has been finally published on all shards, it is time to start looking at what we can expect from Publish 40.

On the Stratics Boards, Wilki (UO Online Community Rep) posted: "We've discovered our mistakes, and we're going to address them now that we know about them. The process will be changed to make sure it doesn't happen again. I apologize for us needing to adjust these things now instead of when they were created, but it's better to bite the bullet as soon as possible so that we don't end up painting ourselves into a corner of which we wouldn't be able to escape.

If anyone has doubts that these bows needed to be adjusted, check out this table from the Stratics weapon calculator. Compare the dps for the two elven bows to the rest of the bows in the game. I think you'll see why there were adjusted."

Stratics Bows stats table


The full discussion can be found here: Stratics boards 

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