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Items Disappearing from DAOC Players Inventories E-mail
Tuesday, 21 February 2006
Recently Dark Age of Camelot players were reporting the disappearing of items from inventories.  Sanya Thomas is luckly clarifying that: "This is a display issue, and your items are still there. The client is simply not displaying them to you. Most of the items that “disappear” are in the Bags 4 and 5 of the inventory (the bottom two bags), and the last pages of each vault type."


Check here what you have to do in case you have been afflicted by the bug.

In other news, some hot fixes have been pushed to the game servers:

- Siege Wrecker and Decoy no longer share the same timer.

- Bleed and ABS debuffs from melee styles should no longer be resisted

- Nature's Stewart has been renamed to Nature's Steward.

- Nature's Token should now correctly be attainable at spec 48 in Regrowth for Wardens.

- Nature's Favor should no longer be wiped when specializing 45 or higher in Regrowth for Wardens.

- Sethrendar will no longer chain heal himself with the new self healing Friar styles.

- The Prince Abdin and Prince Ba'alorien trophies are now a more appropriate size.

– (Gaheris) Monsters on Agramon will no longer spawn looking like lurking scroungers.

- (Classic Servers) Channeler Gosford in Cotswold has been moved in a more accessible place.

- The Demons' Breach portals to the Battlegrounds have been disabled for Gaheris and Mordred.

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