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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

GamersInfo reviews Anarchy Online last expansion, Alien Invasion. For these of you who do not play or know Anarchy Online very well, this expansion was actually released two years ago.


The review is particulary interesting for those who have a free account of Anarchy Online, so that they can evaluate how much they are missing: "The difference in play between the "Froob" (Free) account, and an all-expansion account is like a whole different game." 

"Anarchy Online is great fun either as a free account or paid, but I'm particularly fond of the Shadowlands, and really play there much more than Rubi-ka anymore. When in Rubi-ka I often drag around my Froob MP for buffs and to get into team missions, and between us and our pets can decimate missions above our own level. Great fun."


For the full read head here


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