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Wednesday, 22 February 2006
In the official SWG Forums there is a very interesting list of planned update for Star Wars Galaxy. It seems that the collection of publish from the 28th to the 34th will change (improving in my opinion) lots of aspects. Player bounties in space sounds cool!


As promised I have some information to share with you that outlines our plans for future publishes.  Listed below you will find a publish by publish breakdown highlighting the high level features we are planning to add to the game.

You may notice that the information below gets less detailed in the later publishes.  Our primary efforts are currently concentrated on refining the details for the next two publishes.  As we get closer to each publish, the designs will become more detailed. Once they do I will be posting those details on the forums so they can be shared with the community.

The things listed here are not the only things we are working on though.  In addition to these features, we will also be including publish gifts with each publish, additional content quests, additional bug fixes, and some other surprises as well.

It is important to remember that this just outlines our plans for the future, but plans can and do change.  As we get into the detailed design and implementation phases, we may find it necessary to shift things around a bit between publishes.  However, this should give you a good idea of the things we want to accomplish in the upcoming months.

And as always, please be sure to share your thoughts with us.  Your feedback is important to us and we want to hear it.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  May the Force be with you!

Grant “Rogue_5” McDaniel
SOE Producer, Star Wars Galaxies


Publish 28

Armor Enhancements

• We are removing armor certifications for all armor wearing classes. This means that any class that is able to wear armor will be able to use Battle , Assault, and Recon armor type, with the following exceptions:

- Mandalorian Armor will still be restricted to Master Bounty Hunters and Master Commandos.

- Jedi will continue to be restricted from wearing armor.

• All armor hindrances will be removed. There will no longer be a penalty for wearing armor.


Armor Loot Drops

• We will be adding more armor loot drops to the game. The power of the armor that can be looted will be proportional to the Combat Level of the MOB.

• These new armor loot drops will use a wide variety of stats and protections.

• We will be adding a much larger variety of clothing armor for all players through loot drops throughout the game, including Jedi exclusive clothing.


PvP Enhancements

• A command will be added that can be used from the tool bar that will allow players to declare from “Combatant” to “Special Forces” in the field. This will take 30 seconds to execute.

• If you are killed in PvP combat by another player, they will be rewarded one of your items chosen at random. This could be either an equipped item or an item in your inventory. No-drop, bio linked, and no-trade items will be exempt from this. (NOTE: We want to hear your feedback on this. Please take a minute to vote on our PvP Death Penalty poll.)

• After you are killed you will have the option of placing a bounty on your attacker. This will deduct the specified amount from your bank account or from your cash on-hand and add the bounty to your killer. Bounties placed on a player will be cumulative, so if multiple bounties are placed on a player, their overall bounty will increase. The bounty can then be claimed by a Bounty Hunter as described below.


Bounty Hunter System

• If the /bountyCheck command fails it will now clear its cool down timer properly so that it can be used again immediately.

• Bounty Hunters will now be able to use the /bountyCheck command on other players. If the other player has a bounty on them, the Bounty Hunter will be notified of the bounty amount and will then have the option of attempting to claim the bounty. Claiming a bounty will flag both the Bounty Hunter and the target as PvP positive using the existing duel system. (Insuring one-on-one combat.) If the Bounty Hunter kills the target then they receive the bounty and it is cleared from the target. They will also receive the PvP item as described above.


Item Changes

• We will be removing the no-drop, no-trade, and bio-link items off a wide variety of items. These will be primarily quest reward items.


Entertainer Additions

• To allow entertainers the option of engaging in more of the content in the game, we have added combat abilities as part of the progression path. Entertainers will be able to advance through either combat or their normal activities. None of the existing entertainer abilities are being removed, though AI will no longer ignore entertainers.  



Publish 29


Bounty Hunter Profession Enhancements

•  Bounty Hunters will receive all new combinative commands. These will be commands that can either be executed alone as per normal commands, or can be layered together to strengthen and enhance the power of the attacks.

•  We will be adding Limpet Droids. These tiny specialized Bounty Hunter droids can be attached to your target to apply all manner of detrimental effects.

•  All current existing abilities will be examined and polished as well.


Space PvP

•  The existing PVP declaration space stations will be flagged as attackable by opposing PVP+ enemy faction members. These can be destroyed, and will respawn some period of time later. This will give players a chance to truly fight over and control a space zone.

•  Player bounties will be enabled in space. Bounty Hunters will be able to hunt down and kill their targets in space as well as the ground.


PvP Decay (NOTE: Under investigation. Please give us some feedback.)

•  Some items will decay on death in PvP. Eventually this decay will cause the item to be non-functional.

•  Traders will be able to make repair kits. They will also be able to offer replacements for sale.

•  Certain hard to get or unique items will be exempted from this system.


Non-Combat Targeting

•  We will be doing a pass on non-combat targeting to allow easier movement of items in your house and other areas.



Publish 30


Officer Profession Enhancements

•  All new extensive Officer-specific abilities

•  Fire Base – Create a small forward fire base with a respawn point to direct your attacks

•  Muster the Troops – Direct the attacks of AI troopers under your control.

•  Reinforcement/Retreat – Call allies to you from across the world, or pull your team back to safety

•  All existing abilities will be examined and polished as well.

•  Improve Supply Drop

•  Improve group buffs

•  Enhance combat variety and proficiency


New and Improved GCW Bases

•  All new player-placed PvP Galactic Civil War bases

•  Brand new heavy weapon emplacements that all players can use to defend the bases

•  E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster

•  Mortar Emplacements

•  Various manned turrets

•  And more!

•  Exciting new interior puzzles and obstacles to overcome

•  All new base destruction dynamic with Officer-specific activity sets


More Heavy Weapons

•  Players will be able to place and man new fixed heavy weapon emplacements, such as the E-Web.

•  Enhance grenades and other items to use the heavy weapon targeting system.



Publish 31


Smuggler Profession Enhancements

•  All new Smuggler-specific abilities

•  Deceive – Ability to appear non-PvP while being PvP enabled (see below)

•  Rig – Retrofit and overpower your starship while in flight

•  Stash - Ability to open your bank from anywhere in the galaxy

•  All existing abilities will be examined and polished as well.


Smuggler System

•  Smugglers will be able to smuggle items and information between factional bases on the ground and in space

•  Smugglers earn XP, faction (both sides), and credit for smuggling

•  Smugglers will be hunted by other players while smuggling

•  Smugglers will be able to sell the faction they earn to other players



Publish 32


Commando Profession Enhancements

•  All new extensive Commando-specific abilities

•  New combat abilities that can be used with heavy weapons

•  Enhance demolition abilities including destruction of factional bases

•  New Commando exclusive heavy weapons

•  All existing abilities will be examined and polished as well.


Item Differentiation System

•  Customize your profession abilities based on specific item attributes (Example: Power-up your force lightning by using a Force-focus amulet)

•  Mix and match these items to specialize your character and make it different from other members of your profession


Trader Profession Enhancements

•  All new ground reverse engineering system. This will have direct tie-ins to the item differentiation system described above. ( NOTE : We will be posting the design for the community well in advance.)


(More details will follow on these later publishes, as we get closer to their release.)



Publish 33


Medic Profession Enhancements

•  All new extensive Medic-specific abilities

•  All current existing abilities will be examined and polished as well.


Power-Up Ability System

•  New power-up ability system for all professions. Power-ups are basically a way that players will gain points through everyday activities. You'll be able to spend the points towards activating brand new types of special abilities.



Publish 34

Spy Profession Enhancements

•  All new extensive Spy-specific abilities

•  All current existing abilities will be examined and polished as well.


Grant "Rogue_5" McDaniel
SOE Producer, Star Wars Galaxies


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