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Planetside Update on Test Server E-mail
Wednesday, 22 February 2006
A new Planetside version is up on the Test Center. Big revision of the user interface and a few more changes in it.

Test Version 3.11

Update Highlights

Features Added:

  • Major revision of the User Interface (UI), including a new logo and revision to the fonts, status bar, radar, soldier management toolbar, tooltips, and first time help dialog.
  • Many changes to the default keymap and UI placement.
  • New timed helper that assists new players by popping up context-specific help as they move around in the game.
  • Added the BR24+ hats and berets.  Characters of all three empires gain the option to wear a hat or beret when they reach Battle Rank 24.  The /hat command is used to put the hats on and take them off (the /helmet command must first be used to hide the helmet).
  • Added the "Appearance" dialog, accessible by clicking the "Customize Appearance" button on the Character pane.  This dialog allows players to quickly choose which optional items they want their character to display.
  • Knife holster has been added to both the status bar and the inventory page.
  • Confirmation dialogs have been added for the /outfitkick and /outfitleave chat commands.
  • Made it so it is possible to skip through the Bending and BFR movies by hitting any key.


Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Mosquito radar icon should not disappear after traveling through a Revisions have been made to all training missions.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed TR MAX Units to unload full clips in a single shot
  • Made it so jumping cancels all recalls and rematrixes.
  • Fixed some inaccurate text in the "Certification" training mission that still said that the certification unlearn period is 24 hours.
  • Fixed a minor bug where destroyed Router teleport pads would still emit sound.
  • Fixed a bug where the sunglasses or earpiece would be visible on otherwise invisible players if they were enabled while on the other side of an AMS cloak bubble boundary.
  • Slightly adjusted the position of the sunglasses on the female heads so that they fit better.
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