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Thursday, 23 February 2006
Thousands of South Koreans names and identity numbers have been registered to play Lineage 2 without the knowledge of the interested persons. This has been done with the purpose of using the first 3 free game days offered at the time of activation of a new account.

Gamasutra article explains that " The source of the leaked data appears to have been an online shopping site, which like many Korean sites requires personal data to complete the transactions. News of the identity data leak has brought criticism of the standard policy of obtaining personal information when shopping, despite a general consensus among the online vendors themselves that the data is unnecessary."

Also 53,000 Koreans identities has been stolen with the same purpose, as reported by the asian newspaper Chosun.

JoongAng Daily is making some counts saying that "Experts said the biggest contributor to the quest for genuine ID numbers for use in the game is that players can trade game tokens for cash. Those tokens can be used to "arm" a user online ― about 20 million tokens would be required to get a full set of weapons and armor. Private entrepreneurs are selling one million tokens for about 15,000 to 20,000 won ($15-20)."

Newsfactor Magazine countings arrives to say that "Many of the stolen identities are being used in gaming farms in China as part of a $1 billion a year black market in cash and items from online games, local media reports say."

The Korea Herald instead reports that actally the number of ID stolen arrives up to 224,400.

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