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Sunday, 26 February 2006
What I don't like in some MMORPG is that informations about the world you are in is not directely available. I mean, in City of Heroes for example, how different it is to kick some trolls butts or any Skulls ones?

Is the short MOB description available in game enough to give personality and background to each NPC? I don't think so, and this is why I like to read the background pages on COH / COV website.

In here we understand for example that "The Hellions have been tremendously active in Paragon lately. Although the lowest members run the typical rackets – extortion, robbery, carjacking – the lieutenants and bosses are much more concerned with cornering a niche market: the sales and distribution of black magic artifacts. Part of this is believed to fuel their own abilities, for the Fallen and the Damned have tapped into the power of arcane hellfire.".

About The Skulls, I discevered that "A veteran Skull will then take a number of new recruits to pick out caskets for their inevitable death. To them, dying as a member of the Skulls is the greatest honor one can find.". Oh boys, how much I do enjoy to give them this honor...

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