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Etherea: Dark Genesis
ATITD 2 Reviewed E-mail
Monday, 06 March 2006
Gamersinfo had the chance to try the second episode, or The Second Telling as they call it, of A Tale in The Desert. If you never tried this game I strongly suggest you to give a look at this review because it shortly describes the strong points of the game.

But also remember that the game can be download and tried for free at the official A Tale in the Desert website.

"This is a very co-operative type of game where the community is generally very friendly and helpful. There is also the added benefit of joining more than one guild. There are specific oriented guilds like the Safari Hunting Association to coordinate animal sightings for the Test of Safari (Discipline of Body). Or there are just plain chat guilds like the huge Nileside Lounge whose goal is to make Egypt a less lonely place. There are also regional Meta-Guilds which coordinate teams to gather materials to unlock new technologies." 

Click here to read the full review.  

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