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Monday, 13 March 2006
While we are all waiting for the big Publish 28, Star Wars Galaxies was patched to version 27.5 receiving some improvements and tweakings.


  • Stealth: Passive detection for concealed players has been improved.  Stealth has no chance of being broken by non-aggro NPCs, non-aggro creatures, or same/neutral faction players unless they are 2 meters away or closer  (Any player, NPC or creature within 2 meters of a concealed player will always break stealth/hidden abilities). 
  • Stealth: Concealed players always have a chance to be detected if a nearby player, NPC or creature is actively using a special ability to detect hidden players.
  • Stealth: High level players who are concealed will now have a better chance to stay hidden against a significantly lower level player who is trying to detect them.
  • Stealth: Concealed players can no longer be discovered by using /target, or by moving the reticle over their location.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to stall out at the character loading screen unless they deleted their profile directory.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from logging in if they had a custom chat window open that was no longer associated with any active chat channel.

Profession: Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed an issue with NPC bounty missions that would give players a random level mission resulting in random informants.
  • Increased the level cap on bounty mission NPCs to level 90.


  • Rage of the Wookiees: Avatar Run:   The quest experience for this quest has been reduced to 1000 XP.
  • Legacy Quests: Find the Missing Shipment of Starship Components: Players who started this quest before publish 27 were unable to complete the new version of this quest. The old version of the quest can now be deleted from your quest journal so you can begin the new version of the quest. (Also known as "Ral Mundi's quest").

User Interface

  • Wielding a ground targeted Heavy Weapon in a cantina will no longer cause your computer to crash-to-desktop (CTD).
  • In "Mouselook" mode, if the "disable strafing with turn keys" option is checked, turning will rotate your character and not strafe (change made based on community feedback).

    ("Mouse look" is when your cursor is locked and you will see a targeting reticle, "cursor mode" is when the cursor is moveable and you will see an arrow as your cursor. You change between the two modes by pressing the ALT key (by default).
  • Corrected an issue that would prevent the combat reticle from appearing properly in some situations.
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