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300 New Quests for the Villains E-mail
Wednesday, 15 March 2006
Issue 7 will contain 300 new quests for City of Cillains, mostly for levels 40 to 50.
As the children of destiny grow ever stronger, they must continue to negotiate the convoluted web of power at the upper echelons of Arachnos.  In order to survive, every villain must decide whom to trust among the many factions that exist in the Rogue Isles, each hoping to advance their agenda without displeasing Lord Recluse.

Delving deeper into the machinations of the various Arachnos factions, each Destined One learns that things are rarely what they seem.  Discovering the hidden interconnections and betrayals often obscured behind an intricate veil of deception, the villains of the Rogue Isles must continue to question their own role in Arachnos’ web.  

After spending time on all the islands, one thing each villain reaching a high threat level will begin to discern is a strange pattern of mutations across the region.  For example, the Arachnoids found across Grandville are no natural beasts.  What are these grotesque creatures and where do they come from?  As the Destined Ones explore the underbelly of Grandville, they will have a chance to examine and exterminate many of these pitiable but dangerous animals.  Seemingly feral, rumors abound that the Arachnoids are more than just mindless beasts.  Is there something to the tales of Arachnoids with the ability to speak and reason?  

In investigating the Arachnoids and other mutations occurring in the Rogue Isles, Dr. Aeon’s reckless hand enters the picture yet again.  What role might he play?  

Even their earliest contacts may help villains uncover the truth of these creatures.  Mention of a mysterious Arachnos project will turn their attention to a new, more ferocious strain of Snakes recently appearing on Mercy Island.  

Could a secretive experiment, known only as Project Fury, be behind these modifications?  What does this project have to do with the Arachnoids and Snakes? Delve into the origins of the Snakes to find out what might be altering all of these creatures.  Are the mutated beasts experiments gone wrong, attempts to create the ultimate weapon, or part of some other nefarious plan?  Most importantly, what role does Recluse play in all this?  

Beyond the mystery surrounding Project Fury, villains will meet recognizable heroes in fierce battles for power, fame, or even simple survival.  They will fight their arch-enemies and meet a host of new contacts including double agents, mercenaries, arcane assassins, psychic Spiders, and strange mesmerizing objects.  In the end, only the strongest children of destiny will test the true extent of their power, perhaps one day finding themselves face to face with Recluse himself…
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