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Wednesday, 22 March 2006
An audio interview to the STO developers has been published and some more concept art has been made available to the public. Many thanks again to Perseus of Hakkar for highlighting us the news.

More Galaxy-class Interiors & Daron Stinnett Interview

The Star Trek Online team has been hard at work on the next phase of pre-production, while also bringing on board several talented new engineers and artists! Taking time out of this busy schedule, though, Executive Producer Daron Stinnett was able to give an audio interview to the Star Trek gaming enthusiasts over on the Hailing Frequency podcast. Also, we've opened up the next three sketches of the Galaxy-class starship interior designed by Andrew Probert in our gallery, and will be opening up a new handful each week from now until the whole layout is revealed!

Source: StarTrek Online Weblog

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