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Thursday, 24 November 2005
An article on the Camelot Herald wars us of a new patch active on Pendragon. It seems to be mainly focused on bugfixing and balancing.


Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.81c Release Notes
Realm vs Realm and Class focus
November 22, 2005



 - Realm points will now be awarded for successfully repairing a door or outpost piece. Players will receive approximately 10% of the amount repaired in realm points.

 - While a player is shape changed to a lion when summoning a guild banner, the guild banner will no longer appear to come out of the lion's mouth.

 - If an Animist uses a Realm Rank 5 ability while summoning a guild banner, the guild banner will no longer stick out from the side of the player character.


Armsman, Warrior & Hero Changes

Heavy tanks are considered the defensive juggernaughts of the realm they fight for, and as such, will be getting added abilities and improvements to their classes.

Note: These abilities are currently only available on newly created characters. All of these will be available on previously created characters in the near future. Functionality of some spells are not yet finalized and will be adjusted accordingly. Please feel free to include any feedback you have in a bug report while testing these abilities on Pendragon.

 - BattleCries - This is a new system that provides burst defensive bonuses to self and group for Heavy Tanks.

 - Level 5 Shout - Taunting Shout: Frontal cone taunt that causes mobs to turn and fight the tank or at least increase the hate amount towards the tank. Re-usable every 60 seconds

 - Level 30 Shout - Bolstering Roar: PBAE 250 radius attack that breaks root, breakable snares and mesmerization effects on group members. If the tank is CC'd (other than root) they will have to purge themselves or wait for CC to wear off, then fire this. Re-usable every 10 minutes.

 - Level 40 Shout - Rampage: Group shout which increases the chance to resist debuffs by 35%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Re-usable every 5 minutes.

 - Level 50 Shout - Fury: Self only shout which gives a 50% chance to deflect crowd control spells (similar to the RR5 Bonedancer ability), and increases resists to magic spells by 50% for 10 seconds. Re-usable every 15 minutes.

 - Level 15 Spell/Ability - Metal Guard: Group buff which increases the ABS of group members by 3% excluding the caster of the buff. If there are multiple casters of this buff within the group, then this will stack up to a maximum of 9%. Other players can receive the benefit of this buff, but the caster of this buff cannot so it is possible for another heavy tank to have a bonus to his ABS if another heavy tank joins the group and casts this buff. Duration 20 minutes.

 - Level 35 Spell/Ability - Climbing Spikes: Self castable buff which lasts for 30 seconds that grants Climb Walls. The player will have the ability to climb walls for a short duration of time. While climbing a wall, any hit that does more than 31 damage will knock the player off the wall. Furthermore, any hit which knocks the player off the wall will hit for double damage. If the buff runs out while the player is on the wall and he/she does not reach an area where they can walk again, they will be knocked off the wall. Re-useable every 60 seconds. (Note: Currently this spell does not have an icon which makes it unable to be used. This will be addressed in a future version of Pendragon.)

Passive benefits

 - Upon choosing the path of a Hero, Armsman or Warrior, the player will be granted 50% siege resistance automatically. This includes all siege damage types including Boiling Oil.

 - Upon reaching level 41, the Hero, Armsman or Warrior will begin to gain more hitpoints as they progress towards level 50. At each level beyond 41 they gain 1% extra Hit points per level. At level 50, they will have the full 10% benefit.

 - Upon reaching level 41, the Hero, Armsman or Warrior will begin to gain more magic resistance (spell damage reduction only) as they progress towards level 50. At each level beyond 41 they gain 2%-3% extra resistance per level. At level 50, they will have the full 15% benefit.



 - Additional monsters have been brought in line with the changes listed in 1.81b for monster level 0-10 being easier to kill. This affects monsters in Catacomb zones as well.



Quest Notes

 - Warlocks on step 6 of Ota’s Quest (and with the appropriate Vind Ryttaren faction) are now able to turn in the Giant Nose to the griffon loner in Gripklosa Mountains, enabling them to receive the Cloak of Runes reward, and allowing them to advance in the quest.



Stygia Encounters

 - Modified "A Healing Embrace" slightly so the number of crazed lions doesn't grow to 'Zerg' like numbers

 - Changed it so that the iaculi will not despawn at the other two locations if Chisisi is already up at the third.

 - Modified the ML 4.2 slightly based on feedback on Pendragon. This increases the number of mobs potentially guarding Seti (the amount is still below the pre 1.81b amount).

 - Modified ML 4.6 to increase the spawn of tornados based on Pendragon feedback (the tornados are still of lower level and spawn than pre 1.81b amounts).

 - Modified 4.4 to decrease the amount of mobs initially called when a miw-shersekhmet is attacked. This should help reduce the potential of a ‘mau-zerg’ on this encounter.

Volcanus Encounters

 - The Battler monster will now level properly when killing all classes. This fixes a bug where he would not level properly when killing Catacomb classes.

 - The Salamander Incinerator can now be used at level 45 instead of 50.

Aerus Encounters

 - Modified the ML 9.7 encounter so the Puissant Iaculus would properly give credit when killed.

 - Modified ML 9.6 so that the personal guard and Katri would not heal each other as frequently, making it easier to kill the personal guard and then Katri.

 - Modified ML 9.5 slightly to decrease the amount of the students that can be called by Nelos each time he gets a new target.


 - The new Djinn Stones added between the x.5 and x.6 steps: Sobekite Eternal, Temple of Twilight, Halls of Ma'ati (one for both faction sides) and Deep Volcanus are now fully functional with teleport locations provided to them from any other Djinn Stone. Note that you must meet Master Level requirements for the Djinn to allow access to Deep Volcanus.

Item Notes

 - The Scholars, Loremasters, Loremistresses, and Sages are being restructured to remove the turn-in for the locked version of each artifact. Each locked artifact turn-in NPC for all three realms will be revamped to accommodate this change. So far, the following NPCs were restructured with this change:

Midgard: Loremistress Vendela, Loremistress Tyraa, and Loremaster Torolf




 - Added additional helpful mobs to Inconnu Crypt and Kobold Undercity so that they are easier to get to quickly.

Quest Notes

 - Players on step 3 of the A Pact Among Enemies? (Midgard) quest will now be able to properly /use Haral’s Potion to read the notes written on An'shi's Map.

Instanced Adventuring

 - The monsters in the levels one to twenty kill task dungeons now have a chance to drop ROG items.

 - (Midgard) Fixed an issue with several Kill tasks where the Quest Journal would indicate a different mob type than what was required. Note: The kill task could still be completed, the journal and what you were killing for the kill task did not match up.



Monster Notes

 - (HIBERNIA) Fixed an issue with Guardian Dou'Lass that prevented her from interacting and completing the "What a Guard Wants" champion task.

- Named demons in Darkness Falls and the Chapter 3 Dungeons such as the Dukes, Earls, Inquisitors and Chthonic Knights are now worth varying amounts of MLXP. The Circle of Five are not worth MLXP at this time.

Quest Notes

 - An issue was resolved that previously prohibited Armsmen from being able to select which of the two enchantments (Perfectly Balanced or King’s Shield) to place on the Armsman Dextera Mace (1-hand crush).


Click here for the original patch notes 

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