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Battleground Europe Campaing 30 Begins E-mail
Wednesday, 19 April 2006
Battleground Europe, or World War II Online for the old players, begins its 30th campaign. The last one was won by the Axis.
After a very hard fought 2 day struggle, with both the primary objective at Remagen and secondary Axis objective at Aachen experiencing very heavy fighting, the Axis held onto a major victory condition onthe morning of reset by holding both Remagen and Aachen, thus securing the major town and minor airfield objective and the primary objective of the bridge at Remagen crucial to the Allied advance into the industrial sector of Koln, the Allied secondary objective.

With the server shutdown sequence in effect, and no turning back, it looked like a major Axis victory. However, with only minutes from the server locking itself (an automated feature when shutdown sequence is initiated some time earlier) a daring last minute raid on Remagen secured the town into Allied ownership, freeing the bridge from Axis control.

Under the rules of this intermission, with the Axis controlling only their secondary objective but their primary objective of Remagen in Allied hands ... the intermission is declared a draw.

We are now in server downtime for the reset to start Campaign #30. We will have the servers back up as quickly as possible, and wish all a happy and bloodthirsty time in the pursuit of ultimate victory.
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