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SWG Stratics Chat Log E-mail
Friday, 21 April 2006

Stratics has made available the log of yesterday chat held with the Galaxies developers. Topic of the chat sessions were: Publish 28, What is planned for Publish 29 and Community summits.

From the chat log we understand that "Publish 28 looks like it is almost ready for live release. I expect that it will likely be released on April 25th.".

The devs also suggent the players to chek the informations about the expertise system in case you missed them. 

At the moment there are no plans related to "fixing" droids,  the professions of politician, entertainer, trader or smuggler, new clothings and forced PvP, and there are still no news about decay.

With Publissh 29 they will introdice the weapon retrofit system: "Currently most of the damage a player causes to a target is based purely on the level of that player. The "weapon retrofit" refers to us removing the "free" damage based on level and putting it back into the weapons themselves. This means that we'll need to touch all the weapons to "retrofit" fit them with additional damage. "


The full chat log, togheter with the february one, can be read here

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